The response to our rebuttal of the zigzag fatwa of Ebrahim Desai, is nothing but a regurgitation of drivel and clutching at straws by the ZigZagger. Here we shall content ourselves to rebut his stupid straw-clutch pertaining to the notice which he has reproduced. Other issues shall, Insha-Allah, be tackled and demolished in future articles.

The purpose of the notice which was written on the board by a brother, not by The Majlis, was not to advocate wearing the mask out of Salaat. Some musallis do come to the Musjid with masks, perhaps three or four among a couple hundred musallis.

Rather than expelling such musallis from the Musjid, the notice advises them to keep their masks in their pockets. Another reason for keeping the masks in pockets at all times, is to be saved from the oppression of the kuffaar authorities when they accost one in the street.

Most certainly, it is a sign of Imaan and Yaqeen to abstain from wearing the mask. The notice does not encourage wearing masks outside Salaat. The notice contends with a practical problem with the people of Imaan are beset with in consequence of the oppressive draconian laws of an oppressive regime, which is supported by munaafiq, maajin, zig zag ‘muftis’ who misinterpret the fatwas of the Aakaabireen.

18 Zul Qa’dh 1442 – 29 June 2021

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