The other night while laying in the bed, my husband was as usual busy on his WhatsApp. He belongs to a few chat groups.

He spends hours sometimes up to four hours straight, texting. As you can imagine they only talk, fuzool and rubbish, especially if you know the kind of people that are on the group — “Birds of a feather flock together”. They even have braais to consummate this relationship on the WhatsApp. He is on the phone even at Fajr time before he even goes to the toilet.

He even delays Maghrib Salaat by half an hour. He doesn’t like me because I disapprove of this satanic behaviour. Six months ago when he upgraded his phone and got WhatsApp, it brought a misery and a worse dimension in our lives. He would put any teenager to shame. He doesn’t even read books anymore.

On many occasions I wanted to bring this issue to Moulana’s notice, about this agent of Shaitaan which is bringing about so much of fitnah in everybody’s homes. This is a universal fitnah. In fact it is worse than TV. People are using this WhatsApp Iblis for futile and haraam entertainment 90% of the time. You can send video clips, etc. to each other.

Somebody put it so aptly- It’s the halaal T.V. (In fact, television recedes into oblivion in front of the shaitaaniyat

of this vile, immoral contraption– The Majlis).

While laying in the bed my husband was on WhatsApp and each time a message comes through, it makes a ding-dong

sound. This ding-donging carried on for over an hour. I asked him nicely to switch off the volume but he ignored me.

After another hour of this I went to sleep in another room. So enraptured was he in the haraam that he didn’t even realize this until midnight when he got off his chat. It was so peaceful that I did it again .

The next day in an argument over food, he said: “Take your children and get out”. ”I can’t bear the sight of you, you are old and ugly. I don’t want to see your face .”Pack your bags and go stay at your mother’s house till you are blue in the face.

Just go! Just leave me!” I asked him if it is a Talaaq, he said: “No!” What is my position in the Shariah. If I leave here I have no intention to have any contact with him whatsoever. He can have contact with his children. (End of the Sister’s lament.)

(1) You are still in his Nikah. Since he had explicitly negated Talaaq, the harsh, insensitive litany of haraam pejoratives he had uttered do not represent Talaaq.

(2) If you are determined to leave, endeavour to leave with his permission. If you leave with his consent, he will

still be responsible for your maintenance while you will be living with your parents. If he refuses to maintain you, you will then have valid grounds for lodging an application for annulment of the Nikah. If you leave without his consent, he will have valid grounds for denying maintenance. You will then be in a limbo. You will not have grounds for annulment.

(3) If you are able to make Sabr and tolerate his injustices and haraam conduct, you will Insha-Allah, attain the rank and thawaaab of a Shaheed (Martyr).


The internet and its many facilities are instruments of use and misuse like all other instruments and devices which are per se permissible.

If a permissible instrument is misused or used in conflict with the Shariah or utilized immorally, it will obviously be HARAAM, just as zina, liquor, interest, etc. are haraam. This ruling applies to all instruments which are per se permissible, e.g. radios, cell phones and innumerable other devices. the WhatsApp medium is used strictly for permissible and necessary communication, it will be permissible. If misused, it will be haraam. In the current context,

WhatsApp, cell phones and computers are haraam for children. The sin of destroying the Akhlaaq and ruining the Imaan of children with these vile, shaitaani contraptions of immorality settles on the parents if the children are nabaaligh, and if baaligh, on both the children and the parents. he prohibition of WhatsApp multiplies manifold as far as

girls are concerned. It introduces them to a world of fisq, fujoor, kufr, prostitution and satanism. Their Akhlaaq are utterly corrupted and destroyed. This very same ruling of prohibition applies to males who utilize this medium for haraam as the sister’s husband. In fact, most are using WhatsApp for haraam. And it applies to wives as well. Husbands

too have written complaining about the zina relationships which their wives have struck up via the internet, and vice versa. The hurmat applies across the board – to all and sundry. Ulama, Madrasah students, husbands, wives, children,

the rich and the poor are all entrapped in the internet snares of Iblees. We are well aware of the internet vices – fisq and fujoor – immorality and zina – which even molvis, sheikhs and madrasah students perpetrate. Shamelessly, and without the slightest concern and fear for Allah’s permanent Presence and the presence of the two Recording Malaaikah, do even the personnel of Ilm indulge in the internet filth. It is therefore no surprise to see the mass of ulama-e-soo’ being churned out by the madaaris of this era. It never occurs to them that Maut may strike precisely at the moment when they are trapped in the internet zina. The sister, pouring out her lament, said that 90% of those addicted to the WhatsApp Iblees are entrapped in the haraam filth being disgorged like effluvium and sewerage waste. Her observation is an understatement.

Perhaps 98% of people are mired in the moral effluent excreted by the device of Iblees. There is no doubt that misuse of

WhatsApp and other similar social media apps such as Facebook are Haraam.

Article extracts from- The Majlis vol 22 no 11

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