A Mother’s View of Vaccinations

October 27, 2012

by Judy Shewmake

Our Story

I have always tried to be a good mother. As any mother does, I wish the best for my children and I want to do everything I can to help them grow up healthful and happy. During my first pregnancy, I acquired a good-sized library of books on pregnancy, birth and child care, and read them all. I planned to do everything just right and at the proper time. I would follow my obstetrician’s and then my pediatrician’s advice and have a perfect, healthy child.

One of the things I read about was the proper time to have a child vaccinated. So at exactly two months of age, (in 1980) our oldest daughter was given her first vaccination. I knew something was drastically wrong when following this shot her fever was 104 degrees and she screamed for 12 hours straight. Her pediatrician was notified and he recommended Tylenol and told me this was “normal.” This was her reaction after each of the four DPT shots. Oh, how I wish I had started researching this topic then. The MMR shot at 15 months of age left her with a similar reaction plus measles spots that lasted for the next three and a half months.

It was a surprise to me that less than a month after the first shot she came down with her first ear infection. For the next two years we spent a considerable amount of time and money at the pediatrician’s office with 14 ear infections and multiple upper respiratory infections and colds. The antibiotics she was given soon became ineffective and we had to move on to stronger and stronger antibiotics that led to antibiotic-induced staph and yeast infections. Finally tubes were surgically inserted into her ears and the ear infections slowed down but did not stop completely.

Somewhere during these problems, I thought to myself that things had to be better than this. Why was our daughter so ill? I was breast feeding her and we were eating healthfully. I branched out in my reading to include everything I could find about health, nutrition, and eventually found information about alternatives to modern medicine.

While studying the subject of vaccinations, I began to question if the vaccinations had caused my daughter’s problems? Could it be that vaccinations lower children’s immunity capabilities and leave them more susceptible to colds and other infections? This idea was confirmed when I read “There is no doubt in my mind that immunizing children at two to six months of age is the largest cause of upper respiratory infections, allergies and ear infections.” Dr. Daniel Lander in, Immunization; An Informed Choice.

Soon I was pregnant again and I knew I couldn’t go through the busy doctor and sterile, painful, hospital delivery routine that we had endured with our daughters’ birth. So we contacted a midwife and arranged for a home birth. This started me really searching for additional information, this time about home birth and during this search I found even more information about vaccinations. I wanted this child to have a different start.

We now have four healthy children: Our oldest daughter, who was born in the hospital; two boys, born at home and the youngest daughter, who was born in a birthing center. The three youngest children have never, ever been vaccinated. They have had occasional colds but no upper respiratory infections, ear infections or allergy problems. Our oldest daughter, on the other hand, has been much more inclined to colds, mysterious fevers and infections, plus she suffers severe seasonal allergies. Her health has improved with diet and time. now that she is an adult, but the difference in the children’s defense systems is very noticeable.

I wish I had acquired my knowledge in time to benefit our first child, but it never occurred to me to question medical science until our daughter was harmed by it. I’m thankful that she was not seriously impaired like so many children are. And very thankful that I did learn soon enough to benefit our other children, grandchildren, and the parents who will read our story.

Information I Discovered

Many times vaccinations are called “immunizations” and this is a mistake. Vaccines are powerful drugs manufactured in laboratories on all sorts of different cultures with numerous chemicals added. Immunity is something we build carefully and naturally and doesn’t come from a vaccine.

The supposed need for vaccinations is based on the germ theory that erroneously teaches that diseases and germs are lurking out there attacking and killing at whim. In reality, a healthy, well-nourished person has a built-in immune system that combats disease as long as proper nutrition and the laws of nature are observed. This natural, internal, self-healing process has allowed man to survive for thousands of years without vaccinations. Our internal healing system works (to extremely simplify it) something like this: The mouth and stomach begin the defense system, killing germs with saliva and digestive enzymes. The kidneys and liver are the filtering system. The body fluids are diluting factors, and our intestines are a disposing system. Vaccinations, which are antigen materials, bypass this natural defense system and are forced by injection directly into the blood stream and carried to cells, organs and glands to poison the entire body in a very short time.

Authorities coerce us to continue thinking that the law requires vaccinations. When in reality it is unconstitutional to force vaccinations on anyone and many of our states offer exemptions. The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, The Public Health Service and the Center for Disease Control published a book in 1977 entitled Parents’ Guide to Childhood Immunizations. On page five it is stated “The decision to have your children vaccinated is yours, alone, to make.” An interesting statement to make when they intimidate you with slogans such as “no shots, no school.” They know that vaccinations can be deadly and they will not take the responsibility.

If you are worried about dealing with school or other officials, read the booklet How to Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations of All Kinds. No one, under any circumstances has the right to vaccinate you or your children against your wishes. This is your constitutional right.

Facts About the Diseases


This disease has all but disappeared. From 1900 – 1930 there was a 90 percent decline of diphtheria in the U.S.A. due to increased sanitation and better nutrition. Rare outbreaks occasionally occur, often due to contaminated water. The risks of the vaccination outweigh any benefits, since 50 to 70 percent of the persons contacting diphtheria now days were vaccinated anyway. In many countries of Europe there were large increases in diphtheria after vaccinations began. And there have been no outbreaks of this disease since the vaccinations are no longer required in other countries.

To make the diphtheria vaccine, diphtheria serum is injected into the jugular vein of a horse. This is done periodically over a six-month period. When this horse is extremely ill from diphtheria, they withdraw large quantities of blood until the horse is too sick to continue such inhumane treatment and is killed. The diphtheria vaccine is then made from the sick horse’s blood.

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn writes, “Today your child has about as much chance of contracting diphtheria as he does of being bitten by a cobra. Yet millions of children are immunized against it with repeated injections at two, four, six and eighteen months and then given a booster shot when they enter school. This, despite evidence over more than a dozen years from rare outbreaks of the disease, that children who have been immunized fare no better than those who have not.”

Pertussis or Whooping Cough

This disease has also nearly disappeared. The effectiveness rate of the vaccine is only about 50 percent. The vaccine can cause encephalopathy (severe brain damage), convulsions, elevated temperature, shock and excessive screaming. Dr. Edward B. Shaw in the Journal of the American Medical Association, March 1975, states that, “The decline in pertussis mortality was 80 percent before the vaccine was ever used. The key factor in controlling the disease is living conditions… The vaccine is a poor antigen and an extremely dangerous one.” The pertussis part of the DPT vaccine is the one blamed for seizure disorders and possibly the dramatic increase in autism among children.

There seem to be many rumors about a “outbreak” of pertussis in England where they no longer vaccinate for this, or in various areas of the U.S.A.. Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. explains it like this: “While the DPT shot was in use the doctors rarely went through the red tape of reporting pertussis cases to the health department. Now, so enraged with the public rejection of the vaccine, they report every cough as pertussis.” He also states that “Since all doctors know how hard it is to bacteriologically diagnose whooping cough, how many diagnoses of whooping cough were actually proven by culture?” Pertussis is medically known as a “fastidious organism” meaning it is extremely hard to grow in laboratory cultures, not all laboratories are even set up to grow it.


Tetanus is not like these other diseases mentioned which are communicable. Tetanus is a microorganism that is in the intestinal tract of horses and cows. Some doctors feel it is in the soil everywhere, but this has never been proven.

We know that a child who is breast-fed gets antibodies from his mother. Young children usually are not out stepping on nails, etc. but they do injure themselves. If they should be injured seriously they would receive a tetanus shot at the hospital regardless of whether they have received any routine vaccinations or not. So why give the vaccine without injury?

Dr. Eleanor McBean in Vaccinations Condemned states that the unfortunate people who contract tetanus get it from receiving the vaccine. She mentions several cases of people with open wounds, fractures or bites using mud to heal these wounds. Why didn’t they contract tetanus? Dr. McBean also states that examination of wounds and dressings of tetanus victims have failed to find the tetanus bacteria supposed to be responsible for their illness.

On page 50 of The Dangers of Immunizations, Professor Rene Dubos of the Rockerfeller Institute for Medical Research says this of tetanus spores. “Spores of Cltetani, Clwelchii, or other Clostridia can persist for years in the tissues without causing any symptoms of disease or even multiplying whereas they are often brought into activity by non-specific stimuli, such as trauma, surgical intervention, or local infections. The literature has lately been promoting cleanliness of the wound as the first criteria to prevent tetanus.”

Some of the side effects I have had from the tetanus vaccine are dizziness, nausea and swelling of my arm at the injection site for two days. Other reported side effects are fever, temporary loss of vision, loss of consciousness, and complete loss of use of arm or leg for many days.


More than just the vaccine determines if you contract polio or any other communicable disease, nutrition, sanitation and living conditions all play an important role. Over 90 percent of those exposed to the polio virus do not get the disease.

“The live polio virus vaccine has been the predominant cause of domestically arising cases of paralytic poliomyelitis in the United States since 1972. To avoid the occurrence of such cases, it would be necessary to discontinue the routine use of live polio vaccine.” Dr. Jonas Salk, Science, April 4, 1977.

Breast-fed babies get polio antibodies from their mother’s milk. The polio vaccine is given orally and needs to be absorbed in the intestines. The antibodies received from the mother’s milk fight against the ones given in the vaccine and the vaccine is expelled in the child’s feces. Parents and caretakers are now getting polio by changing children’s diapers. Medical science is giving polio to us!

I have a close friend, who, in 1960 took her two-year-old daughter for the oral polio vaccination. Within twelve hours of receiving the vaccination, she developed a high fever and seizures. At the emergency room, she was diagnosed as having an “uncontrollable viral infection” (polio is a virus). Twenty-four hours later, she died.

The Sabin oral polio vaccine contains a weakened poliovirus, foreign proteins, germs and viruses from culture materials and also SV-40. SV-40 is a dangerous virus contracted by eating uncooked African monkey meat. It so happens that African monkey kidneys are used to culture the Sabin polio vaccine. For all of the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s this new virus has been given to millions of people, not just children. SV-40 is clinically indistinguishable from the HIV virus. It weakens the immune system and makes it so that the body does not recognize HIV as foreign. So when anyone (be it drug user, homosexual, health care worker or hemiplegic) is exposed to HIV the body recognizes it as “friendly” and the person’s immune system does not fight it.

This, I feel, is one of the worst “experiments” that science could have performed. It was an unnecessary tragedy. I’m not saying that the polio vaccine gives you HIV or AIDS, simply that the body cannot fight the HIV virus properly once you have received SV-40 through the oral polio vaccine. A young girl in Morton Grove, Illinois was diagnosed with AIDS and the cause was traced to her oral polio vaccine.


This disease should not be overlooked, but it is not nearly as serious as once believed to be. Some authorities believe that this most common childhood disease helps build up immunity against more serious adulthood diseases.

The vaccine was introduced to prevent measles encephalitis, which occurs only where poverty and malnutrition accompany the illness. But the vaccine itself can cause encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), also ataxia (motor balance impairment), meningitis, seizure disorders, hemiparesis (partial numbness of one side of the body), impaired speech function, mental retardation, learning disorders, hyperactivity, measles rash and pneumonia in any child.

Ninety percent of those who get measles were previously vaccinated with this vaccine which is produced by passing the measles virus through chick embryos. Each year there are more cases of measles than in previous years. Atypical measles is a more serious version of measles that has only recently developed because of suppressing measles. So it is very obvious that the vaccine does not prevent measles. This vaccine has been linked to Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis and cancer.


Mumps is a mild childhood disease, which, like chickenpox and measles, can develop into other diseases later in life if suppressed with vaccinations.

Dr. Mendelsohn states “Mumps vaccine is extremely questionable. While it obviously decreases the incidence of mumps in the children to whom it is given, it does so at a possible risk of exposing them to the dangers of mumps later, if the effects of the mumps vaccine prove to last less than a lifetime. The chance of sterility from mumps is overrated since in practically every case of mumps orchitis (inflammation of the testes), only one test is affected, and a man could repopulate the entire world with the other one.”

Some side effects of the vaccine are measles rash (which my daughter had for three and a half months), itching, febrile seizures and encephalitis.

Rubella or German Measles

Doctors admit that this vaccine has not had the desired effect of decreasing birth defects. The vaccine is controversial and it is widely questioned if vaccinating children helps the unborn child.

In England, they encourage children to get this disease naturally, and then check the girls’ rubella titer at age 12 or 13. If the titer is not high enough, they give the vaccine to the girls then. Instead, here in the USA, they check the titer and give the vaccine at the premarital exam, when the woman could already or soon be pregnant. The vaccine is more dangerous to unborn children than other exposure would be. A pregnant mother’s unborn child is at risk if her toddler receives the vaccination.

This vaccine is grown on human diploid cells, which are the dissected organs of aborted fetuses. Some side effects of the vaccine are arthritis, arthralgia (painful joints), polyneuritis (inflammation of nerves), mytositis (inflammation of muscle tissue). These are noted in as many as 26 percent of those vaccinated.


The new Hepatitis B vaccine is given to infants at birth, one month and six months of age. Hepatitis is a liver disease that high-risk people such as IV drug users, immigrants, HIV/AIDS patients, and those with multiple sex partners get. In other words at-risk adults get Hepatitis. The vaccine is made from the blood of hepatitis patients. So why give it to infants at birth — especially when doctors will tell you that a baby’s immune system can’t handle vaccinations until six months of age? One reason given is that giving it to “at risk” adults hasn’t worked, so they reason that vaccinating children while they are still in the hospital might protect them as adults. This is stupidity, if you ask me.

The French government has put a moratorium on this vaccine because of links to neurological illness, including Multiple Sclerosis. Some of the many side affects are chronic fatigue syndrome, headache, nausea, anorexia, vomiting, bronchospasm, parasthesia, Guillian-Barre syndrome, and transverse myelitis, in adults. Who knows what effects it has on infants?

Influenza or The Flu

Few of us need to be reminded of the Swine flu fiasco of 1976. There were 565 cases of Guillain-Barre paralysis, 60 deaths and numerous other problems including blindness and impotency following the vaccinations. It was never proven that the swine flu even existed. Flus change so much from year to year, that vaccines are worthless. The vaccine side effects are the flu itself, paralysis, blindness and death.

Chicken Pox

Originally this vaccine was developed to use on children with compromised immune systems or cancer who would have difficulty if they contacted this disease. Now, it is recommended that a child receive this vaccine at 12, 15 & 18 months of age and at entrance to kindergarten. Making this vaccine mandatory will insure $7 million for the drug company, Merck, for each new class of kindergartners in one state alone. Multiply by 50 states and you know why this vaccine is being pushed.

This vaccine is incubated in lung tissue from two aborted human fetuses. Merck’s literature states the vaccine contains “residual components” of fetal lung cells.

Chicken Pox is a simple, usually mild, childhood disease, that is more of a nuisance than disease and many experts are questioning the validity of giving a vaccine for such a simple illness. Studies have shown that whatever “immunity” to chicken pox after the vaccine you may receive will fade over time and make the person very vulnerable as an adult.

Scientific Information

Dr. Robert Simpson of Rutgers University stated in 1976 during a science writers seminar of the American Cancer Society. “Immunization programs against flu, measles, mumps, polio, etc. actually may be seeding humans with RNA (Animal RNA and DNA is transferred through foreign genetic material and does jump the species barrier.) to form pro-viruses which will then become latent cells throughout the body. Some of these latent pro-viruses could be molecules in search of diseases which under proper conditions, become activated and cause a variety of diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosus, Parkinson’s disease and perhaps cancer.”

In The Dangers of Immunizations on page 59, it is stated that “Although final links of proof are as yet lacking, the harm from viral vaccines may not be so much the viruses themselves as from the fact that, having been cultured in animal tissues they become carriers of animal genetic material or patterns. It has been shown that genetic exchange is common, perhaps universal among live plant cells, animal cells and bacteria. It is not unreasonable to assume that this exchange also occurs among viruses, animals and humans, although it is as yet unproven. If such a phenomenon does occur, the live attenuated viruses used for vaccines would implant the foreign, alien material derived from animal culture tissues into the human genetic system.”

Again, DrMendelson writes, “There is growing suspicion that immunization against relatively harmless childhood diseases may be responsible for the dramatic increase in auto-immune diseases since mass inoculations were introduced. … Have we traded mumps and measles for cancer and leukemia?”

What about Mad Cow Disease? The following vaccines are manufactured with bovine (cow) products: Influenza B, Diptheria and Tetanus, DTaP vaccine, Hepatitis A, Inactivated polio vaccine, Anthrax, Pneumococcal. It is possible that Mad Cow Disease could contaminate these vaccines. For more information, visit: www.fda.gov/cber/BSE/BSE.htm#usda If this isn’t bad enough, a person who donated blood which was used to make polio vaccine administered in Ireland has been diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (the human form of mad cow disease). Read about this situation at www.abcnews.go.com/wire/World/reuters20001219 1915.html

Some Questions To Consider

I have many questions about vaccinations so I did research for myself. I believe I have found the answers, but I would still like to ask scientists, doctors and public officials for their answers or comments on these observations:

Why is the effectiveness rate of the vaccines so low? Fifty to 70 percent of the people who contract these diseases were partially or fully vaccinated.

Smallpox, diphtheria, pertussis, polio, scarlet fever and measles had decreased by 80 to 90 percent due to world health and sanitation conditions before the vaccines were introduced. Why give the vaccines credit or continue giving them?

Why in countries such as India where vaccinations are used, do we still see the diseases so widespread? Sanitary conditions and nutritional factors have everything to do with preventing disease!

Vaccinations have been linked to immune malfunction, SIDS, learning disorders, convulsions and seizures, multiple sclerosis, encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), Guillian-Barre syndrome, brain damage, arthritis, impotency, fever, shock, excessive screaming, ataxia, spinal meningitis, hemiparesis, impaired speech function, mental retardation, hyperactivity, pneumonia, measles, rash, arthralgia, polyneuritis, cancer, blindness, heart disease, AIDS and death. Why do doctors and officials continue to force these complications and tragedies on us?

Why was SIDS reduced by 50 percent in Australia the same year that vaccines dropped by 50 percent when vaccines became optional that year? (1988 issue of Pediatrics Supplement.)

Why do doctors hide these extreme dangers from us by not informing us of them? Why have statistics been suppressed? These side effects are clearly outlined in vaccine package insert, so why aren’t parents allowed to see this information first. We should be informed of these dangers before our children receive the vaccines.

Can they assure me that my child will not have a terrible reaction, illness or even die from receiving a vaccination? No they can’t! Every year 12,000 reports of adverse reactions to vaccines are made to the FDA. Yet 90 percent of doctors don’t report reactions, so there could be thousands more unreported reactions. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid over $450 million for more than 1,000 awards for vaccine injuries and death.

Why won’t the vaccine manufactures, government, and doctors give us a guarantee of safety? Why do we have to take the responsibility for something we had nothing to do with making? Why won’t many doctors take the flu vaccines themselves or give the childhood vaccinations to their own children and grandchildren? Why have many doctors stopped giving the vaccines in their offices and started referring patients to public health facilities for vaccinations?

If the vaccinations are so good for us, why is it that the government tries to force us into receiving them by threatening us with the law? Their slogan is “no shots, no school.” Why did former President Clinton, during his administration, try to make vaccinations mandatory and implement a federal child tracking system to assure all children receive vaccinations?

How can formaldehyde, phenol (carbolic acid), mercury, alum, aluminum phosphate, acetone, horse blood, cow pox pus, rabbit brain tissue, dog kidney tissue, egg protein, sodium chloride, glycerin, sodium chloride, antibiotics, monkey kidney tissue chick embryos, human diploid cells (dissected organs of aborted fetuses) and decomposing protein, all components of vaccines, protect us from disease? Most of these are extremely toxic (if not simply gross) and have been confirmed to lead to disease, cancer and death.

Since mandatory vaccination of children, cancer has increased and it is now the number one killer disease of children under 15 years of age? Many believe there is a connection!

And lastly, if we are strong enough to survive the massive antigen materials with added poisons in vaccines, shouldn’t we be healthy enough to withstand the diseases when encountered naturally?

Do Your Own Research

I could write so much more about vaccinations and their dangers. I do not believe in them and feel I have the research to back up this stand. Please use the following sources to find information for yourself and to decide in your own mind. I used my instincts as a parent and the feelings in my heart. I Prayed and let the Holy Spirit guide me. You are your child’s parent, you have the full responsibility for his health, you and your child will have to live with any consequences of this decision.

We try so hard to give our children natural births, we breast feed them, we’re slow to introduce solids and we serve healthful foods to our families, so why should we put poisons into their small, perfect bodies? Doesn’t this issue deserve as much consideration and research as every other aspect of our pregnancy, birth, educating our children and other parenting experiences?

Don’t worry about school admittance. I have a vaccination record used in California schools. On the back is an exemption clause. All a parent has to do is sign the affidavit requesting exemption because the vaccines are contrary to their personal belief. This is available in most states. If you are homeschooling simply sign a personal affidavit and keep it in the cume folder of your school records.

This is just a brief summary of the information available to you. This article expresses my opinion and is not intended to give medical or legal advice. All medical decisions are the God-given right of you, the parent. Please do your own research to add to your knowledge.

Sources and AdditionalResearch

Vaccinations – Deception & Tragedy, by Michael Dye, Hallelujah Acres, P. O .Box 2388, Shelby, NC 28151. www.hacres.com $8.95. Researched and well written, get this book first!

The Vaccination Crisis, Harvesttime Books, Box 300, Altamont, TN 37301.A 32-page book on vaccinations. If you read nothing else, this is the second most informative, and most important of all the sources available at this time. Send $5.95 for a copy

The late Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. 1578 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201. He publishesd Peoples Doctor Newsletter. Many issues contain information about vaccinations. Reprints of all these articles are in the bookBut doctor, about that shot… $18. He authored Confessions of a Medical Heretic and How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor.

The American Natural Hygiene Society, 12816 Race Track Road, Tampa, FL 33625. This society is devoted to natural health. Send them a large SASE and ask for vaccination material, a copy of the vaccine exemption law in your state and a book list which includes a excellent, comprehensive, well documented 500 page book by Dr. McBean entitled Vaccinations Condemned. that will shock and inform you.

What About Immunizations? Exposing the Vaccine Philosophy, by Cynthia Cournoyer, 718 Redwood Hwy, Grants Pass, OR 97527. $12.95



PROVE (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education) http://vaccineinfo.net

Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute: http:thinktwice.com/global.htm Web site includes state laws, support organizations and lists of lawyers sympathetic to this cause.Also offers books by New Atlantean athttp://thinkchoice.com/vaccine.htm.

http://www.nvic.org/ National Vaccine Information Center. This is one of the foremost websites for vaccine awareness and information regarding the current debates over vaccine dangers.


The Case Against Immunizations, Richard Moskowitz, M.D. available from the National Center for Homeopathy, 1500 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20005.

Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?, A Parents Guide to Childhood Shots, and Immunization Theory vs. Reality. Neil Z. Miller, The Vaccine Policy Institute, 251 W. Ridgeway Drive, Dayton, OH 45459, 937/435-4750.

Dissatisfied Parents Together (DPT), 512 W. Maple, Vienna, VA 22180; 800/909-SHOT. Write to them for a statement of their purpose, or if your child has had any complication from vaccines.

DPT, A Shot in the Dark, a 470-page book by Harris L. Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher.Published by Warner Books and available at most book stores.

National Immunization Hotline: 800/232-2522

National Vaccine Information Center, http://www.909shot.com; 703/938-5768

Ohio Parents for Vaccine Safety, 251 West Ridgeway Drive, Dayton, OH 45459; 800/909-SHOT.http://www.novaccine.com/law-exemptions/Ohio.asp


Judy Shewmake lives in California, is the wife of Tom and mother of four children ages 4 – 21. She’s been homeschooling since 1985.

Copyright © 2012 by Homeschool Magazine.com All rights reserved.

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