Q. In Pakistan, an Islamic Council that advises the government has given permission to the state to build a Hindu temple. There has been a lot of opposition from many Islamic parties. It has also come to attention that the cash strapped Pakistani government will be funding this temple. I don’t understand how can a Muslim Country ever allow a kufr and shirk temple to be constructed. Allah’s constant Azaab and La’nat fall on such places. A Muslim government funding such a place is most shocking. More sadness is after reading that an “Islamic council” has given permission for the construction of this temple. Please advise whether the construction of this Hindu temple by the Pakistani government is appropriate or not. Is this allowed in Islam?

A. Your bewilderment stems from lack of understanding the reality. The government in Pakistan as well as governments in all other Muslim countries without any exception are all kuffaar. They are munaafiqeen and mushrikeen masquerading as Muslims. Even in the Arab countries Hindu temples are being constructed. The time will still come when Muslims will worship the cross inside the Musjid. There is absolutely no surprise in the kuffaar government of Napakistan funding the abode of idolatry. The so-called ‘islamic council’ is a cartel of munaafiqs. A true Muslim will never support or condone a temple of shirk. The primary objective for the revelation of Islam was for the elimination of shirk and kufr.


Q. Senior Ulama in Pakistan say that it is incumbent to defend Pakistan. Please comment.

A. What is meant by ‘defending’ Pakistan? In fact, we have dubbed it ‘Naapakistan’. The regime ruling the country is kaafir. From its very inception, the regime was kufr, and today it is among the worst kuffaar regimes. The Shariah has been practically abolished. So what is there to praise or defend about Pakistan? What Hadhrat Thanvi and Hadhrat Kashmiri had understood of Pakistan 80 years ago, long before the formation of that country, was something totally different from what Pakistan in reality is. They had conceived of an Islamic state fully subservient to the Shariah. In fact, Mufti Muhammad Shafi (Rahmatullah alayh) after some years lamented the error of him having come to Pakistan. He lamented that what they had believed and thought of the future Pakistan was a distant pipe dream. There is no difference between the kufr regimes of Pakistan and the kufr regimes in other Muslim countries.

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