Q. A man has homosexual tendencies. He inclines to men although he understands that this is haraam. He does not indulge in homosexuality. What advice is there for him? What rules of the Shariah apply to him?

A. A man who inclines to males has to compulsorily maintain a distance from men. Since he is physically a normal male, all rules pertaining to males will apply to him. He has to exercise restraint over his nafs just as a normal man has to exercise restraint regarding his lust for women. The natural instinct of a normal man is to incline to women. The desire is to fornicate. But the Muslim man exercises restraint and controls his nafs with his Aql. In like manner should the homosexual do. He should control his nafs with his Aql. His unnatural tendency does not justify the evil of homosexuality just as the natural urge for having sex with a woman does not justify fornication. Since the person is a male, all the ahkaam of the Shariah applicable to males will apply to him. He has to continue practising as a Muslim man is required to regardless of his homosexual tendency.


  1. Salaam. Another way to see this. Start here: The is part of the agenda and their blowing in knots: I,e, this desire may be directly related to some toxin that one is exposed to on purpose. Vaccines, GMO foods, non organic meat, ect..ect.. If one has these desires than possibly you can lesson them or remove them once you analyze your health and what’s in your body that may be causing these problems. If it’s physical. Just a couple of articles that can lead to further study.






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