Nuqs fil Aql (intellectual deficiency) if coupled with lack of genuine khauf (fear) for Allah Ta’ala renders females extremely vulnerable preys for the concupiscent lusts of men. They become even more vulnerable when they repose trust on those who are supposed to be seniors and men of piety. Women should not befool themselves with the imaginary piety of a Maulana or Shaikh. His piety will evaporate if he relaxes his guard – the guard which Allah Ta’ala commands him to always adopt. The Ta’leemaat of the Qur’aan and Ahaadith have to be implemented in every detail. If not, no one is then safe from the predatory onslaught of the nafs and the traps of shaitaan. Women should beware and exercise extreme caution with molvis and shaikhs. In today’s era these so-called ‘scholars’ are no different from modernist fussaaq and kuffaar. Their long kurtahs and beards are deceptive outer façades which serve to trap unsuspecting, stupid women. We are aware of numerous cases of sexual misdemeanors between molvis and wives of others; between molvis and the female students they teach in these wretched girls madrasahs; between ‘khanqaah’ shaikhs and female mureeds. In this era, a woman should NOT think of becoming bay’t to a sheikh. All ‘shaikhs’ of this era are scoundrels and bogus. Don’t ever trust them. Don’t trust the molvis! Don’t trust anyone! And this applies to ourselves as well. Don’t trust us! Don’t trust even the intervening screen which the dacoits put up in girls madrasahs between themselves and their female students. These screens are there for deluding and deceiving. These screens are not adequate purdah. These screens are stupid. Molvis who teach girls should hang their heads with shame. They are a disgraceful lot of deceits. They are liars if they claim that their nafs is not incited when they teach giggling girls and hear their voices from behind the mock purdah screen. The shahwat is ghaalib. Don’t be trusting like the 30 year old lady whom we dubbed ‘vixen’. In reality she is not a ‘vixen’. She was entrapped into the tentacles of a senior Maulana who was supposed to know better. She was perhaps genuinely ‘overwhelmed by his knowledge, wisdom and taqwa’, hence lost her balance and became ensnared. But this evil Maulana misused his knowledge, wisdom and taqwa to derail a pure woman – to rob her of her paakdamani (moral purity). Therefore, never trust these scoundrels. Islaah (reformation) of the nafs is waajib at all times. But in this era it cannot be achieved from the company of these scoundrel Satanists who pose as ‘sufis’. The Mashaaikh say that when there is no true, genuine, Allah-Fearing Shaikh available, then hold on to the kitaabs of the Auliya. Read the life episodes and advices of the Auliya. Insha-Allah, you will gain the requisite Islaah of the Nafs to endear you to Allah Ta’ala. Don’t fall into the traps of these bogus shaikhs and concupiscent molvis. Don’t be deluded by their sweet talk, calling you ‘Bhen! Bhen! (Sister! Sister!)’. They are hypocrites and human devils who lure and seduce women under ‘deeni’ cover. They are wolves in sheep’s skin. Our advice to Sisters who communicate with Ulama is to do so only by e-mail or letter, never by phone. We maintain with emphasis that today it is haraam for a woman to speak to a man even on the phone, and it is haraam for her to speak to a man from even behind a screen. This is an age of the worst kind of fitnah. Also, do not communicate with just any molvi, especially if he is a so-called ‘celebrity’. And, NEVER commit the fatal moral blunder of seeking advice or deeni mas’alah from a facebook molvi. All facebook molvis are filth. With huge hyperbole in their hypocritical ‘bayaans’ they create red herrings which the stupid women swallow hook, line and sinker. Wallah! We believe that there is no worse rapist of female morals than a facebook molvi. Your Haya and Imaan are invaluable treasures. Do not sully these treasures. Do not blemish this Amaanat with the concupiscent filth of these facebook molvis. They are absolute Rubbish. In the words of Rasulullah ( Sallallahu alayhi wasallam):
“The Saalihoon (the genuine pious Ulama) are departing (from this dunya) one after the other in quick succession. Then will remain only ghutha (RUBBISH) like the chaff of dates or barley. Allah will have no care whatsoever for them.” We are in that age. There are no longer Saalihoon living. They all are under the earth in their graves. There now remain only RUBBISH. Don’t trust anyone! Don’t trust molvis! Don’t trust shaikhs! And, don’t trust us. Just take what we say in our writings. You will not find it anywhere in today’s world. May Allah be with you all. Was-salaam.

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