Q. In this email I have attached two audio clips of Moulana Tariq Jameel. In one clip he is praying for people suffering from Coronavirus. He called it ”Islam kayahi sabaq hai” (This is in fact the lesson of Islam.) for Muslims who perform final funeral rites for the najis kuffaar who are dying in India. In another clip he lavishes praise on a father and his son who is an Indian film actor being generous. He says he guarantees Allah loves these two faasiqs because of their generosity. These two subscribe to ”Ganga-Jamuni” Aqeedah. What is the status of Tariq Jameel?

A. In several publications have we explained the shaitaani status of this evil agent of Dajjaal. Tariq Jameel is not a Muslim. That is why he excretes so much fisq, fujoor and kufr from his mouth. His prayers for the Hindu mushrikeen perishing in the Athaab of Allah Ta’ala is explicit kufr. Praising fussaaq and fujjaar film actors is only to be expected of a character who professes to be a Muslim while in reality he is a munaafiq.

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