By Dr. Richard Moskowitz

“It is dangerously misleading, and indeed the exact opposite of the truth, to claim that a vaccine renders us “immune” to or protects us against an acute disease, if in fact it only drives the disease deeper into the interior and causes us to harbour it chronically instead, with the result that our responses to it become progressively weaker, but show less and less of a tendency to heal or resolve themselves spontaneously. ……

By “tricking” the body in this fashion, we have accomplished precisely what the entire immune system seems to have evolved to present: we have placed the virus directly into the blood, given it free and immediate access to the major organs and tissues, without any obvious mechanism or route for getting rid of it. ………

Indeed I submit that exactly the opposite is true, that the price we have to pay for these antibodies is the persistence of viral elements in the blood for long periods of time, perhaps permanently, which in turn carries with it a systematic weakening of our capacity to mount an acute response, not only to the measles, but to other infections as well…………….

The worst part of this counterfeiting is that it becomes more difficult, if not impossible, for vaccinated children to mount a normally acute and vigorous response to infection, by substituting for it a much weaker, essentially chronic response, with little or no tendency to heal itself spontaneously…….

Since universal compulsory vaccination introduces live viruses and other highly antigenic material into the blood of virtually every living person, it is not difficult to predict that a significant harvest of auto-immune diseases will automatically result…….

But the claim that the vaccine is protective is belied by the fact that, when the disease does break out, the supposedly “susceptible” kids are no more likely to develop it than their fully-immunized contacts. ……..

…..Dr. Gordon Stewart and his colleagues reported an alarmingly high incidence of encephalopathy and severe convulsive disorder in British children that were traceable to the vaccine.

…….So even in the case of the polio vaccine, which appears to be about as safe as a vaccine ever can be, the same basic dilemma remains.  Perhaps the day will come when we will be ready to face the consequences of deliberately feeding live polio viruses to every living infant, and admit that we should have left well enough alone, and addressed ourselves to the art of healing the sick when we have to, rather than the technology of eradicating the possibility of sickness, when we don’t have to, and can’t possibly succeed in any case.

Still less can either the government or the medical establishment be considered ignorant of the threat that haunts every parent, that vaccines can cause cancer and other chronic diseases.  Precisely that possibility was raised by Prof. Robert Simpson of Rutgers, in a 1976 seminar for science writers sponsored by the American Cancer Society:

“Immunization programs against flu, measles, mumps, polio, and so forth, may actually be seeding humans with RNA to form latent proviruses in cells throughout the body. These could be molecules  in search of diseases: when activated under proper conditions, they could cause a variety of  diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematous, Parkinson’s disease, and perhaps cancer.”

About the Author: Richard Moskowitz, M.D. has been a licensed physician since 1967. He received his B.A. from Harvard in 1959, Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude in General Studies (Biochemical Sciences). He received his M.D. from New York University in 1963. After finishing a Graduate Fellowship in Philosophy at the University of Colorado, he completed his internship at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Denver.

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16 Shawwaal 1442 – 29 May 2021

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