SANHA denies the charge of extortion and charging exorbitant fees for the services it renders. Vindicating itself against the charge, SANHA says: “For information purposes SANHA fees are commensurate to the work required in maintaining the Halaal programme. Therefore the amount on the contracts willingly entered into will vary. SANHA’s average current certification fees in the categories stated are:

ButcheriesR550.00 per month
Take Away/RestaurantsR500.00 per month
Beef AbattoirR  5.00 per carcass
Sheep AbattoirR  2.00 per carcass
Poultry Abattoirfrom R1 500 per month
Retail BakeryR500.00 per month

Is there truth in SANHA’s claims? Please comment.


The aforementioned charges are a part of the carrion scheme of fees. SANHA has perpetrated deception in mentioning only a portion of the fees. SANHA is also silent on the massively exorbitant fees it charges Rainbow Chickens. In its carrion fleece-fee chart, is mentioned: “Poultry Abattoir from R1,500 per month”. SANHA dare not mention the limit – from R1500 to what? Besides the several types of haram gangster type taxation, SANHA should inform of the actual amount of carrion tax it extracts from Rainbow Chickens.

Further, SANHA should not attempt to deceive people by saying “R5 per carcass and R2 per carcass”. SANHA should declare the total sum of the protection tax it acquired from these two ‘carcass’ fees. There is no basis in the Shariah to charge even 10 cents per carcass. SANHA does no slaughter the animals. It does not contribute physically to the slaughtering or to any other aspect related to the slaughtering, skinning, packing, etc., etc. These “per carcass” fees are haraam, having absolutely no basis in the Shariah.

It should also be understood that the ‘services’ rendered by SANHA are of its own volition and are imposed in a haraam manner on traders and animal-killing plants. It is haraam to charge fees for unsolicited ‘services’. The fees of SANHA in terms of the Shariah are extortion and haraam.

We have explained the evil system of SANHA’s extortion in a booklet several years ago. The title is: SANHA’S HARAAM FLEECING FEES. The booklet is available on our website. Hard copies are also available.

The following is an extract from the booklet to show the falsehood peddled by the Carrion Purveyor.

…………. We are confronted here with compound extortion – and much of it is ambiguous since the amounts to be extorted will be calculated in future when the mock inspection transpires. (v) The story of the mock inspection and fleecing fees has still not ended. In addition to the aforementioned ‘inspections’, there is another inspection about which the agreement states: “Inspections will be carried out at SANHA’s discretion at least once per calendar month.” The expenses of this inspection is also borne by Rainbow. Since large amounts of money are extorted for each inspection separately, what is the monthly licence fee for? And, what are the carcass fees for? (vi) The Fleecing Fees extortion racket also provides for the company to pay SANHA’s supervisors separately. Although the supervisors are executing services for SANHA, the carrion company pays the salaries of the supervisors.

Now that Rainbow pays separately for SANHA’s inspections, supervision and administration, what are the confounded monthly licence fees for? And what are the carcass fee for? Answering this question, the fatwa states: “The fee which is charged for inspections and supervisions is in actual fact in lieu of the fuel used by them for inspecting the outlet.” Someone must have been perpetrating some type of substance abuse when making this stupid statement. Or the mind is befogged as a consequence of devouring SANHA’s carrion chickens. Does SANHA use R50,000 every month for fuel to inspect one carrion plant twice or thrice a month? This is the approximate amount which SANHA charges for licence fleecing fee and inspection fleecing fee every month.

Furthermore, the fatwa fails to distinguish between ‘inspection’ and ‘supervision’. While the inspectors come to the carrion plant twice a month using about R100 fuel per time, the supervisors are paid a full wage separately by Rainbow. What are the R50,000 monthly confounded fees all about? It is all about extortion and fleecing the company. The fatwa then draws a plainly stupid and baseless analogy between the carrion fleecing fees and the fee a hunter pays to hunt in a game farm. Says the fatwa:

“We can regard this (SANHA’s carrion) transaction taking place between the hunter and the game farm owner as an Ijarah (lease) transaction. In other words, the hunter is paying a fee for utilizing the facilities provided to him by the owner such as using their roads etc. The animal that will be hunted in this case will be a gift from the owner.” In this false analogy, who is the ‘hunter’ and who is the ‘game farm owner’ in relation to SANHA’s haraam agreement with Rainbow? In the game farm scenario, the hunter coughs up the money, hence in the light of the corrupt analogy, Rainbow is the ‘hunter’, and SANHA is the ‘game farm owner’. However, the ‘gift’ element is lacking in the carrion transaction. SANHA presents no gift or bonus to Rainbow in lieu of the huge sums of money it extorts from the company.

Whilst the example of the hunter and the game farm also requires some rebuttal, for the sake of brevity we shall not deal with it in this discussion. The hunter pays the owner of the farm, a simple, flat one-off fee for the utilization of his facilities. But the ‘hunter’ (Rainbow) in the chicken carrion scenario is loaded with a variety of elements of extortion. Rainbow does not pay for any services rendered to it. Rainbow pays exorbitant sums of money for a range of phantom ‘services’. Inspecting the plant by a carrion purveyor is not a ‘service’ ordered by  Rainbow. It is a condition imposed by SANHA for issuing its carrion certificate. All the other hallucinated ‘services’ which we have already discussed and refuted, are not services ordered by the Carrion Company. They are conditions which SANHA imposes on Rainbow to dupe the Muslim community – to make us believe that the carrion is halaal.

SANHA publicizes itself as a non-profit ‘deeni’ organization rendering service to the Muslim community. If the community accepts that SANHA is indeed rendering it a service, then it is the duty of Muslims to bear the expenses of the inspections, supervision, etc., and this will be light years away from the tip of the iceberg, i.e. the R50,000 monthly licence and corruption fees. Far from this miserable carrion outfit being a ‘non-profitable’ and a ‘deeni’ body, it is Islamically corrupt. Its greed for haraam boodle is insatiable. It extorts millions of rands for haraam and luxury expenditure. It misappropriates the Deen and the Halaal logo for monetary objectives, then it flaunts the naked audacity of claiming to be a ‘non-profitable deeni’ organization.

Furthermore, it is incumbent to proffer some advice to the honourable Mufti Sahib who has endorsed the corrupt ‘fatwa’ of his student. The honourable Mufti Sahib should understand that operating a Darul Ifta with student ‘muftis’ under his wing is a sacred responsibility. The students training under him are an Amaanat. It is absolutely imperative for the honourable Mufti Sahib to abandon whatever other activity he may be involved in to enable him to contribute 100% of his time and mind to the shenanigan ‘fatwas’ which his incapable students are fabricating. The ‘fatwa’ which we have just now discussed is not a Fatwa. The student has simply put together a very unprofessional essay, and it appears that the honourable Mufti Sahib had lackadaisically scanned over it and endorsed it without applying his mind. The ‘fatwa’ is scandalous and portrays the incompetency of the student who has compiled it. It will be salubrious for the honourable Mufti Sahib and his Ifta students to re-study Rasmul Mufti, etc. with minds and hearts fully applied. If the honourable Mufti Sahib acquits himself with laxity regarding the fulfilment of his obligation of correctly nurturing his students, both academically and morally, then we can assure him that they – his students – will become haatibul lail characters labouring in the self-deception of them being expert muftis when in reality they will be one-eyed juhala misleading others and themselves.

It is ludicrous to equate the range of complex fleecing fees extorted by SANHA with a simple, reasonable monthly fee to cover necessary expenditure which any how should not be an expense for Rainbow. It should be an expense for the Muslim community IF it is established that the carrion clique is able to distinguish between haraam and halaal.

We trust that the honourable Mufti Sahib will set his Darul Ifta in order and drill real academic ability in his students, and this is not possible without inculcating Taqwa in them.    (End of extract)

The aforementioned  naseehat is from our booklet  published several years ago.  We can now safely say that the mufti implicated in this carrion scandal is a mudhil who has betrayed Allah Ta’ala, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), Islam and the Muslim community with his rubbish zigzag  fatwas.


There are two evils attendant to the Fleece Fees which SANHA and other Carrion Halaalizers impose on traders:

(1) Extortion       (2) Exorbitant charges.

The fees are in terms of the Shariah Extortion. It is the unjustified imposition and extraction of money in a bloodthirsty, parasitic manner from traders who mistakenly have been led to believe that their business will suffer if they do not cough up the haraam tax imposed on them by SANHA, MJC and the other members of the satanic cartel of carrion halaalizers.

Fees charged by these Carrion shayaateen are just like protection tax charged by gangsters. Carrion fees are a glorified form of gangster ‘protection tax’. There is no Islamic validity for this haraam extortion which is pure zulm. The ‘service’ provided by SANHA & Carrion Co. is a hallucinated, baseless, unsolicited, hated ‘inspection’ required by the smokescreen dubbed ‘supervision’. In reality there is no supervision. Supervision is another fake designed to mislead, deceive and bamboozle ignoramuses. Our booklet on hallucinated supervision is also available on our website.

Regardless of the fee amount, even if just R1, according to the Shariah it is haraam extortion.  There is no concept in the Shariah into which this haraam, gangster tax could be fitted into. The charge per carcass is abhorrent and pure extortion of a vile kind. The silly chart of charges presented buy SANHA for public consumption is a poor red herring which does not secure SANHA’s objective of convincing anyone of the alleged justification for levying such haraam gangster protection tax on traders who fear for their business suffering adversely by the maliciously designed comments of SANHA regarding such traders who refuse to apply for a carrion certificate.

The one and only objective of the halaal certification racket is to line the pockets of the carrion cartel gangsters. It is a satanic profession devoid of even a vestige of Islamic altruism.

Furthermore, the haraam carrion tax is literally exorbitant.  It is an extravasation – sucking parasitically – money from traders to enable the members of the carrion cartel to live in opulence. But they should not bask in the comforts and luxuries the ill-gotten taxes allow them, for Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“The Fire has a greater claim over a body nourished with haraam.”

11 Shawwaal 1442 – 24 May 2021

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