Islam Reigns

By Al-Haq

“They (the kuffaar even) all of them cannot fight you except from inside fortresses or from behind walls. Their mutual fighting amongst them is severe. You (O Muslims!) think that they are united whilst (in reality) their hearts are apart. And that is because they are a people who lack intelligence.” (Al-Hashr, Aayat 14)

The ceasefire brokered by Israel’s bosom ally, Egypt was in reality to save the severely mauled Israel from further mauling by Hamas and the large scale internal uprisings of Palestinians in almost all Israeli cities – something which had never happened since the inception of the U.S. satellite sate.

It is quite clear that in the current war, Israel had taken a thorough pounding. Despite supressing the damage and casualties inside Israel, informed observers are aware of the actual situation which has compelled Israel to sue for the ceasefire.

Although Hamas is not a…

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