Q. A new trend that many people are involved in is, Nikah through Zoom or whatsapp video. In present lockdown conditions this method of nikah are becoming widespread. Some Imams seem readily available to perform these nikahs. There are two scenarios quite common:
1) Imam sitting in his house and bride and groom sitting in their own respective homes. (Bride in her house and groom
in his house). Both having witnesses present in their homes.
2) Imam sitting in the bride’s house with witnesses and the groom sitting in his own house with witnesses.
In these scenarios is nikah valid or invalid. In which scenarios will nikahs be valid?

A. Marriages performed in this manner are not valid. No scenario is valid. They will be living in the state of adultery.


    1. as salaamu alaikum
      the answers of fiqh questions on this blog are provided from maulana a.s. desai of the majlis ulema of south africa. he can be contacted at
      i can tell you this. as you know for a nikah to be valid you need and offer from one side and acceptance from the other side. this offer and acceptance must be made in the presence of two witnesses. if the offer and acceptance is done over zoom or whatsapp etc, then some one or more than one of the three parties will not be present. so it would not be a valid nikah. i suggest if this is not enough for you to contact hazrat yourself. he (maulana desai) has written about bitcoin and cryptocurrency as being haraam on many occasions and have no idea about the online contract signing. you are free to contact him regarding those matters.
      jazaakumullah for your questions.
      was salaam


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