The Arab Flags

Islam Reigns

By M.H. Ebrahim

Recently, due to the increased aggression and oppression against Palestinians from the part of the accursed Jews, Muslims around the world have taken to displaying the Palestinian flag as a form of showing solidarity with them. However, what most Muslims do not realise is that the flags of the Arab lands are flags of evil and, rather than bring the Help of Allaah Ta`aalaa, they may instead bring the Anger of Allaah Ta`aalaa. People put up these flags as their display pictures, or carry them in marches and protests, or display them on the windows of their cars or elsewhere, not knowing the origin and meaning of these flags.

The Arab flags are made up of the same four colours, and each of these colours are symbolic: black, white, green and red. These are referred to by some as the Pan-Arab colours. Each colour signifies a dynasty…

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