Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi WaSallam has mentioned that there is no questioning in the Grave for a person who passes away on a Friday. From this I understand that one who passes away on a Jumuah is fortunate. Sometimes we see Bidatis, people who were not punctual with Fardh Salaah in the Masjid, people who used to wear their trousers below the ankles and beardless men, etc., passing away on a Friday or Jumuah night. People then comment: ‘You can never judge anyone, See! He passed away on a Friday’, ‘He wasn’t punctual with Salaah in the Masjid but he had a clean heart’, ‘because of his generosity’ etc etc. Also they say ‘Once you have passed the Qabr without questioning, then in the Aakhirat you will be successful. Please enlighten me regarding this type of thinking. Jazakallah

Usually people who are lax or not practicing properly on the Deen make comments such as: “See! He passed away on a Friday. He was not punctual….You can never judge, etc…”
Yes, no one can say what the destiny of a person will be. Judgment pertains to the Aakhirat. Only Allah Ta’ala will judge. While it is not permissible to claim that a certain person will go to Jahannam on the basis of his sins, and a certain person will go to Jannat on the basis of his piety, it is necessary to judge a person in this dunya in terms of the Shariah. Thus, it is incumbent to say that a man who shaves his beard is a faasiq, and a man who wears his trousers below his ankles is a faasiq and invites Allah’s Wrath and Punishment. Such is the command of the Shariah. It is not necessary that every person who dies on a Friday will be saved although that should be our belief in general. While we should entertain a good opinion about even a flagrant sinner who dies on a Friday, there is no guarantee that he will be saved and be entitled to the virtues of Maut on Jumuah. No one can make a judgment on this issue. We only say in general that questioning in the grave is waived from a person who dies on a Friday. But whether a specific person will be saved, we cannot say. If a flagrant sinner has a good Maut on a Friday, we can infer that Allah Ta’ala has forgiven him and he will be spared from the questioning in the grave. But if a Muslim dies while drinking wine for example, it can be inferred that he has died an evil death and that he will not be entitled to the virtues of death on a Friday. Allah knows best.

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