Who cares about Jerusalem

Jerusalem, what does it mean to “sheikhs”. My guess is Nothing. It doesnt mean anything to them because its not a part of their kingdom and supporting those poor refugees risking relationship with western masters runs directly against Monarchs’ key to survival. So, let colonialists do what they want, when its over (temporarily), we can take a few hundred refugees give them jobs to run our groceries and …. Perfect solution! What more could a refugee boy want? a safe and secure place to live, a job, and a good luxurious life of a cleaner.

Most Muslim countries in one way or another depend on petro-dollars as a major source of foreign currency earnings, so countries like Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh with millions of Muslims are expected to mirror Arab sentiment. What is that sentiment? “We believe in Muslim solidarity. We want all violence to stop. We want Peace. Masjid al Aqsa is sacred to Muslims and any interference with it is a red line”. Be sure, most Muslim countries will end up in between those lines.

We are now sick of such cowardly “lip-services”. A better word would be Lies. Nobody really cares for Jerusalem, anymore. Israelis occupied the holy city in 1967 and its officially Israel’s capital. See Google maps. Everything else coming from those brave Muslim leadership is all hot air. None of these guys will ever lift a finger against Israel. Thats a given. Not even if they are NATO member or armed with Nuclear weapons or on the road to making one. They fear Israel more than they fear God.

Is the Muslim world a cowardly bunch? Can they not stand up to face an oppressive colonial occupier? History tells us otherwise. British Empire once boasted of their Jewel- India, as its most prized colony. Its in this very country British empire drew its curtains from world domination with its shameful exit in 1947, a year earlier than originally planned.

Muslims, and Hindus, rose up again and again in armed rebellion against colonial power beginning in 1757 (Nawab Siraj of Bengal), again in 1799 (Shaheed Tipu Sultan) and temporarily liberating Hindustan (United India) in 1857 (Bahadur Shah Zafar). Other movements followed 1857 independence war and gave British Colonialists one hell of a time, notably the Wahabi Movement, Faraizi Movement, Reshmi Rumal Movement and finally a movement was launched in 1920’s by Ali Brothers (Khilafat Movement) which for one last time brought Muslims and Hindus together under one political umbrella.

Point is easily understood. Muslims can rise to face threats and challenges as they have done against arrogant colonial usurpers so many times. Hindustan wasnt the only place where freedom struggle raged. The Crusades saw Arabs, Turks, Kurds (Salahaddin Ayyubi was Kurd), and Africans unite against a Combined European military alliance that included Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and rest of East Europe.

During Mongolian massacre it was once again Muslim forces led by Turkish (alp Arsalan), Egyptian (Qutuz) and Syrian soldiers which saved millions of people from mad bloodshed. In Hindustan it was Alauddin Khilji who faced off Mongol warriors again and again, sheltering millions of Hindus, Budhists and Muslims from wholesale genocide at Mongol hands. India and Europe should be particularly thankful to Muslims because without their sacrifices who knows if current European and Indian generations would have been born even.

Back to Jerusalem. And back to Muslim leadership, rather it may be said “Failed” Muslim leadership. Its important to distinguish water and mud. Muslim Ummah is like water in an Ocean, whereas its leadership can at best be pretenders representing mud under water. A time will surely arrive when water will rise high enough to wash out mud from its body.

TAKEN FROM; https://revivers.wordpress.com/

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