The following are some of the things which create forgetfulness or – failing memory:
♦ Making wudhu in a place of impurity, e.g. the toilet
♦ Worldly worries
♦ Commission of sins
♦ Engrossment in worldly affairs
♦ Looking at a hanged person
♦ Eating much salted meat
♦ Looking at the sky during the state of janaabat
♦ Much laughter and joking
♦ Laughing in the qabrustaan
♦ Entering the Musjid with the left foot and coming out with the right foot
♦ Looking at the private parts
♦ Urinating in the bathroom
♦ Urinating in public
♦ Urinating under a fruit tree, in stagnant water or in ash
♦ Combing the hair with a broken comb

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