Q. During a ghusht visit to me by local Jamaat Brothers it was again said to me by a senior person that no matter if one fulfills all the other Deeni obligations, like salaah, zakaat, fasting, not committing sins, etc. that if one does not go out with Tableeg Jamaat “in the path of Allah s.w.t” then one cannot be safe from the azaab of the Qabr let alone the other stages of the Hereafter after one passes away.

Is there a Qur’anic injunction or an authentic Hadith to support this? What is your opinion on this view or claim by the Tableeg Jamaat? After all, not every person is cut out to go out and do the work of Tableegh.

A. This moron has to renew his Imaan and also his Nikah if he has a desire to remain within the fold of Islam. It is this type of ghulu’ (haraam extremism) culminating in kufr which has split the Tabligh Jamaat into two virulently hostile factions with each group at the throat of the other. The moron is absolutely shameless in proclaiming his kufr.
With a single copro statement has he negated the imperative importance of all the fundamentals of Islam. Shaitaan has thoroughly convoluted his brains and heart with his urine. Shaitaan is notorious with his urine which is one of his snares to dupe, mislead and destroy juhhaal of the likes of this tablighi moron. This character’s ‘tablighi’ is for the sake of his base nafsaani desires.
Never associate with people of this type whom the devil utilizes to dig the foundations of the Deen.

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