Q. A Couple is married for 7 years. The husband is constantly in jamaat all over the world and country. He leaves his wife unattended physically, financially and emotionally. When addressed, he says your reward is in the Aakhirat. The
ameer of the jamaat sees nothing wrong with this behaviour. The wife cannot endure this any longer. Is this a valid basis for a talaaq? The wife is desperate for advice.

A. In the scenario mentioned by you, the wife has a valid reason to ask for Talaaq although there is much greater merit in adopting Sabr to tolerate and bear the injustices of the husband. The husband in this case is guilty of violating his family obligations imposed on him by the Shariah. The ameer of the jamaat is a jaahil. He lacks understanding and
knowledge of the Shariah, hence he speaks bunkum and haraam. It is this type of ghulu’ (haraam and stupid extremism) which has caused the decline, fall, moral and spiritual degradation of the Tabligh Jamaat. Ghulu’ permeates all ranks of the Jamaat.
It is Waajib for the husband who leaves home for a valid, halaal journey to ensure that there is a reliable (non-faasiq)
mahram to attend to the needs of his family during his absence. It is Waajib to leave sufficient means for the home expenses. The husband who deliberately defaults in these Waajib requisites is accursed. His entire journey, regardless
of it being for tabligh, is under the Cloud of Divine Wrath.

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