Nike has many adverts like the above. Pushing the love of sports and games. Someone mentioned that they same thing is mentioned in the Qur’an meaning “life is a game, or life is sport” so why do muslims speak out against sport and play when the quran speaks on the same terms. The question was sent to the majlis ulama of south africa and the response is recorded below. this question was asked by in 1998. the advertising words may have changed but the theme is still the same at Nike.

The Qur’aanic aayat: “This worldly life is but play and amusement….” in fact denounces such futility and play. At the end of the aayat, it is said: “And, the Aakhirah is best for those who fear. What have you no sense?” In other words, those who opt for the play and amusement preferring it to the abode of the Aakhirah lack intelligence. The aayat in question as well as many other verses and numerous Aahadith condemn futility and the play and amusement of this world.

The idiomatic expression as appearing in the aayat clearly conveys disgust for the play and amusement of the world. On the contrary the Nike advertisement conveys by its style and tenor encouragement for the futility of this world. those versed in Qur’aanic Arabic will readily understand the meaning the aayat conveys.

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