Leave alone an Aalim, even an ordinary person – a non-Molwi—is not allowed to wear western or kuffaar clothes. Shirt and pants are kuffaar dress. In view of the fact that among laymen, this type of dress has become widespread, especially in the western world, we shall not brand every Muslim in the west who wears shirt and pants, a faasiq. But, undoubtedly, every Molwi, be he in the west or in a Muslim country, will be labeled a faasiq if he wears shirt and pants. Here in South Africa we never allow a man with shirt and pants to lead the salaat or to even stand in the Musjid to deliver a talk even if he is with the Tabligh Jamaat. He is a disgrace to the Ilm he has acquired. A Molwi who wears shirt and pants needs to be stripped of his molwiyyat. He is a disgrace to Ilm-e-Deen and to the lofty Office of Warathatul Ambiya which he is supposed to occupy. Would this Molvi have attended his dastaarbandi ceremony with a shirt and pants? Let him search his conscience and soul.

If a person has been wearing Islamic garb since childhood as is the case in Pakistan, and then he abandons such garments to adopt kuffaar dress, he will be a faasiq. But if he grew up with shirt and pants, he will not be labeled a faasiq. Nevertheless, the error of such garb will still be pointed out to him and he should be encouraged to switch to Islamic dress.

The fatwa of the mufti who declared shirt and pants jaa-iz is incorrect. The mufti sahib has grievously erred. Instead of bringing people nearer to the Deen, he opens up avenues of fisq and fujoor with such miserable fatwas. May Allah Ta’ala save us from the deceptions of shaitaan.

JANUARY 2, 2005


  1. Asalaamualaikum.
    On the topic of Islamic dress for men.
    The long kurtha which is worn by the Saudis and copied here in S.Africa and most parts of the world is not the Sunnah .
    Moulana A.S.Desai in one of his publications wrote that this long type, bell shaped, is like a ladies dress.
    The Correct Sunnah Kurtha must be below the knees and above the ankles and not flaring like a bell shaped.


    1. agreed, hazrat (maulana a.s. desai) said on several occasions that the long kurta was started by the british agent known as sir lawrence of arabia. jazaakumullah khairan ahsan jazaa’


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