A Glimpse of the “Liberated Woman” of the “Advanced Civilized West” – A Piece of Advise and warning to South Asian Women

Islam Reigns

By a sister

The modern concept of liberation has
reduced the status of women to that of a Trash Bin.

If you’ve been to any great city of Western Civilization you would’ve noticed that there are areas where people go to get “hammered”. Bars, pubs and eateries are lined up and hoards of girls/ women come
there to get drunk, do drugs and then get picked up by guys for sex. Some people get started on the roads and in taxis there! The next morning the liberated female wakes up and gets on with her life. Some of them do expect the guy to stay intouch after he made her feel loved, even though for a brief amount of time, but most of them have learnt to not expect any attachment.

When I think of such women the only
image that comes to my mind is that of a Trash…

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