Sunni Stance Vs Shia Stance Concerning Majoosi Nowruz

Islam Reigns

By brother Abbasi (a former Iranian Shi’ite convert to Islam)

Nowruz (or Norooz, Nowrooz) is not just some cultural holiday/’Eid to Iranian people (and to a a lesser extent to other Iranic people and those who have been influenced by them), it is THE major ‘Eid in
the Zoroastrian religion and has thus
religious connotations from so many
angles. This itself refutes the argument of some (including some ‘Sunnis) who claimthat this Majoosi ‘Eid is just a cultural practice where families meet for a picknick and what not.

As for Ahlus-Sunnah, the case is clear: All four schools and major jurists of the past to this very day reject and declare this ‘Eid as a pagan custom (the same they do with Arab pagan ‘Eids!). Some Shaadh views exist in some schools, however, they are
insignificant and rejected and can be
easily refuted.

As for the Rafidah, the Twelver Imamites:

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