Marriage in Islam: Why is it an essential institution?

Marriage in Islam

The Role of a family in a society
Family is the basic unit of human society. A man and a woman when coming into contact and live together they lay the foundation of a family and a new generation. Families extend into a community and develop society. Therefore, the family as an essential institution leaves its legacy for the following generation to serve human civilization through their social duties.

Family as an institution functions as the custodian of human culture and development. A family wants to sustain its good image and envision its successors as a better replacement. So, family serves as the fundamental source and strength of human civilization which provides a breeding ground for evolution, progress, and development.

Islam, family, and marriage
Islam sees the family as an important social unit. Also, Islam provides a strong foundation for the establishment of a family. Therefore, Islam focuses on uniting a man and woman into a relationship through marriage. After marriage, the couple takes social responsibility and makes a family. Islam discourages irresponsible behaviour towards one’s family. Therefore it addresses the issue related to the very essence of human society.

Islam discourages all those acts in our society which can weaken the very foundation of a family unit. Note, Islam has proper regulations for Hijab, restrictions on free mixing of both sexes, pornography, adultery, vulgar movies, and music to protect a family from being shattered.

All these actions are targeted towards safeguarding and strengthening a family. Islam presents marriage as a noble and honourable act of worship. In a marriage, a man and women take the social responsibility of married life like their parents did before. So as to continue the evolution process of human history.

Islam wants to make marriage easy for every one
Islam firmly rejects all those practices, formalities, or constraints that make this important ceremony of marriage difficult to perform. It envisages a pure human society in which marriage is easier than adultery. Today, it’s the main cause of our moral degradation that access to sinful adultery has become easier than the sacred union of marriage.

Therefore, Islam has legalized marital relationships among Muslim men and women. Except for a few specified close relatives. It’s a very significant relationship that is conceived irrespective of race, color, caste, and territorial restrictions. Equivalent status of both man and woman and fixing a low amount of Mahr (dower) are desirable.

Marriage in Islamic society is the simplest ceremony which just requires two witnesses, a woman’s guardian, and better it is known to the people that a man and woman are going to live as a wife and husband.

The duties of husband and wife in a family
Islam has authorized man as a chief of a household to take care of the family and to maintain command and discipline.

In a family, Islam directs a wife to be obedient to her husband. She is required to take care of her husband’s comfort and to educate kids. Islam does not encourage a family which has no central authority or responsible head of the household to guide and lead the family members to prosperity and the right path. A disorganized family system leads to disturbance in society as it can’t produce responsible citizens.

Islam looks at the father as the suitable leader of the family to take over the responsibility. But the head of the household should not act like a dictator or tormentor to treat his wife and kids with oppression.

Islam promotes love in marital and family life. If the wife has to obey then he also has to treat her with affection and love. The husbands need to take care of all the rights of his wife and family members.

Remember, Islam tries to strengthen the marital bond. It encourages this relation as long as it can go smoothly with love and peace but if it is not possible for it to survive then Islam provides the right to divorce. This is an undesirable last option but when married life becomes big trouble then it’s better to part ways to save society from further disturbance.

May Allah strengthen our families. Ameen

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