The Politics Of International Trade

Islam Reigns

Trading is a normal part of human existence. Naturally, it has been addressed in Islam, as Islam gives solutions to all human affairs. The issue of international trade demonstrates how Islam has comprehensive laws that are compatible with life. International trade also shows how closely tied trade and politics are. Such subjects demonstrate more clearly how Islam and politics are one.

The Property Allah Almighty Has Bestowed

Allah Almighty madepmade a means by which the son of Adam may benefit in this dunya. However, Allah Almighty restricted, through His laws, the ways in which we may acquire it. He allowed trading as a way to gain interests (masaleh) in this world.

“O You who believe! Squander not your wealth among yourselves in vanity, except it may be a trade by mutual consent.” [4:29]

“…Allahhas permitted trade and forbidden usury.” [ 2:275]

The exchange of goods and services has always…

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