Muslims in America need to understand the “Equality Act” that has just been passed by Congress.

This is a bill that essentially puts gender identity and orientation discrimination on the same legal basis as racial discrimination.

This will have MASSIVE consequences for every single Muslim in the US, whether they realize it or not.

If the bill becomes law, this would mean that mosques and Islamic schools can be sued and also deprived of any public funding or benefits if they do not allow trans people to join single sex facilities. This includes the women’s sections, bathrooms, wudu areas, gyms, etc.

If a person who identities as a woman but has a penis, beard, etc., wants to go to the bathroom with Muslim women, make wudu with them, pray with them, etc., the masjid has to allow that, otherwise face potential law suits, loss of tax exempt status, etc.

If an Islamic school teacher decides to come out as gay in front of the whole school, the school cannot terminate employment for that teacher as that would be employment discrimination.

Muslim businesses, as well, would have to accommodate all kinds of LGBT demands or face crippling discrimination lawsuits.

Muslim families are not immune either because Muslim children will increasingly have to be exposed to Federally mandated pro-LGBT curricula in schools. It is already the case that all licensed psychologists have to peddle LGBT doctrine, but now, even Muslim counselors generally will have to be careful not to violate LGBT ideology for fear of being sued.

This bill basically empowers the LGBT agenda to the n-th degree. If you thought there was an LGBT hegemony in this country before, just wait till this bill is passed.

In this tweet, Ilhan “The Sharia Is Barbaric” Omar gloats over her central role in pushing the bill. Elsewhere, Rashida “My Allah Is a She” Talib also poses with an LGBT flag to show her support.

What do the promoters of Ilhan and Rashida have to say now?

We were told by “scholars” and Unfit Imams that Ilhan and Rashida are role models for the Muslim community.

Yasir Qadhi explicitly supported Ilhan and said that Muslim leaders have no choice but to support her and people like her.

Omar Suleiman went further and wrote in response to her election: “There is something special about seeing yourself in your leaders.” Not surprising to anyone, of course, that Dr. Omar sees himself in his leader, Ilhan.

Dr. Omar’s partner, Dr. Jonathan Brown, wrote in 2019, “I swear to God this brings tears to my eyes no matter how many times I watch it…” in response to a video of Ilhan at an Islamic school. This was long after her rabid pro-fahisha agenda was clear for all to see.

Dr. Brown, of course, has infamously told Muslims that they should affirm and advocate many LGBT rights and gay marriage, and even attend pro-LGBT rallies. His trash article promoting all this and more is STILL available at Yaqeen Institute, misguiding Allah knows how many Muslims and non-Muslims. It is still on their site despite the “scholarly review board” that Yaqeen installed to give naive people the impression that Yaqeen’s articles conform to Islamic standards.

Organizations like CAIR have continued to support Ilhan and Rashida and promote them at every turn. Yaqeen Institute has a picture of Ilhan as a “Black Muslim” icon in their video series on the topic.

Imam Zaid Shakir has no problem appearing at events that feature Ilhan and Rashida. In 2019, long after Ilhan’s anti-Islam, pro-fahisha stances became known, Shakir praised her in effusive terms:

“Ilhan Omar had the courage to raise her voice, despite the risks, and for that I salute her. While I would not endorse everything she advocates, I will say during this time when she needs the support of our community, that I stand with Ilhan. May God bless and protect her.”

These people who position themselves as leaders of the Muslim community have a great deal to answer for. They do not have the option to remain silent because this is what they pushed.

And what makes it egregious is that people were telling them how anti-Islam Ilhan and Rashida were! But they didn’t listen. When people told them to desist, these Unfit Imams were ever more defiant!

In essence, they pushed the LGBT agenda by pushing Ilhan and Rashida. And every single Muslim who donated a dime to their election campaigns now has the burden of all this in their scales, unless they make tawba and right the wrongs. Doesn’t matter if these people have no shame and don’t regret it, they still have to account for the damage that has been caused and continues to be caused. That’s the reality. May Allah guide them and guide us.

All this will be accounted for, if not in this life, then certainly in the next.

In the meantime, Allah protect us and our children.

And by the way, there are many Americans who are protesting this bill. So it is not like the bill has overwhelming public support. Quite the opposite. So there is plenty of room for Muslims to openly reject this stuff. Yet, these Unfit Imams stay silent. Why? What benefits, financial or otherwise, do they receive for their silence? Inquiring minds need to know.

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