The Reality of Ayatollah Khomeini: A British Agent

Islam Reigns

While one devout Iranian in California speaks of Khomeini reverently as a great man, similar to Hitler, other less friendly Persians liken him to an invader like Genghis Khan the Mongol scourge.

The cornerstone and founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran was Ayatollah Khomeini and the structure which he put in place. However, there is compelling evidence that Khomeini was never an Iranian in the first place and had no right to impose his policies on the Iranian people. Nor was his elevation to the title of ayatollah anything more than a political, face-saving expediency to prevent his being hanged for treason in 1964. Considerable effort was made in 1979 to eradicate evidence of any record of either Khomeini’s non-Iranian origins and the source of his use of the title of Ayatollah.

One of the first actions which Khomeini took, within hours of his return to Iran after the…

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