The Majlis & Takfeer

Q. I have read in your statement on reverend Bham’s use of the Qur’aan to promote kuffaar elections that Salaat behind him is not valid. The inevitable conclusion is that he is not a Muslim. Now what is the status of a person who subscribes to the same kufr view which the reverend propagates? Will such a person also be a kaafir?

A. Anyone subscribing to kufr is likewise guilty of kufr. However, while we should point out the kufr, we should refrain from takfeer of all and sundry. Bham is a mudhil (one who leads people to Jahannam) and a human devil whose villainy is notoriously satanic. There is a need to expose this shaitaan to save the Imaan of the ignorant and unwary, hence the imperative need to slap the fatwa of takfeer on him. The Iblees must be exposed. But in general people are ignorant and do not understand, hence we may not resort to takfeer of the masses of juhala. It will suffice to mention that an act is kufr.

If in this era in which kufr predominates in the Ummah, the Shariah’s Law of Takfeer has to be applied meticulously, then we are afraid, that the vast bulk of current-day Muslims will have to be excommunicated from the fold of Islam.

We therefore leave this issue for Allah Ta’ala to decide on the Day of Qiyaamah. In these delicate times when people are dithering on the brink of Jahannum with their kufr, our obligation will be discharged by highlighting what kufr is.


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