Exposing the Mythology of the Secularists

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One of the primary talking points of secular mythology is that of “rights.” So let us examine THEIR notion of rights. We will take the “T” from LBGTQism as an example.

Fifty years ago, transgenderism was not regarded as a “human right.” To the contrary, it was regarded as a mental illness–and by many an abomination. So that means that at some point within the past 50 years transgenderism BECAME a human right (allegedly). So….

1. In what year did transgenderism become a human right (allegedly)?

2. Who was the person who discovered that transgenderism is a human right (allegedly)?

3. How was he (or she) able to determine that transgenderism is a newly discovered human right (allegedly)?

4. Where did he (or she) discover that it is a human right (allegedly)? Was he in the jungles of Borneo, on an expedition to the polar ice cap, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?…

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