Q. There is a WhatsApp group thing, which appears to be gambling. A number of people contribute money. Lots are drawn. One person collects the whole sum of the contributions. A lot of muslim females are now joining this group and recruiting more people to join the group. A muslim female told me she put in R500, and she walked away with R3000. Is this scheme permissible?
They literally just add a R500 into the group, they not selling any goods or services.
For example, you added to group of 15 people. You are the 15th person, you add a R500. Once everyone has given a R500, then they pay the 1st person in the group, then they remove that person. Then you get moved to the 14th position, and they add another person to be person number 15. Then no. 15 pays a R500.
The cycle carries on until you reach number 1 on the list, then you get paid all the money paid from everyone
else. You only put in R500 once. But you will walk away with R7000.

A. The scheme is haraam gambling. It is not permissible to join this gambling group. The prize won is haraam and should be given into charity to the poor. Shaitaan has inspired these evil people with this scheme. The whole scheme from beginning to end is haraam.

from the majlis vol 25 no. 10

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