The Major Signs Of Islam In Our Times

For the love of the Mujaddid, Imam Rabbani

… and who are the self-hating Islamites?

As-Salamu ‘Alaikum

Years ago, a jew visiting my blog once asked me – “What do you mean by ‘self-hating Islamites’? What’s an Islamite? Is it something like Canaanites mentioned in the Torah?” I replied that the term ‘self-hating’ was borrowed from their own jargon of ‘self-hating jews’. As for “Islamites”, I said that I just imply by it – CLAIMANTS TO ISLAM, people who profess Muslim names, and supposedly identities, but either have left Islam or are severe heretics.

Recently, a brother asked me to list out some of the major perennialism and modernism infested bid’ahs of our times. I decided to list both out in a tabular form as the signs of Islam negate the posion of kufr and bid’ah. In any case the signs of Islam are the negators of the bid’ahs. The anti-dote of a poison is that which negates…

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