What is the Shariah’s view regarding the therapy called “muscle testing and mudras” to heal bodily ailments?


Briefly, this therapy like other similar therapies, e.g. reiki, aafiya, etc., has shaitaani elements. The aid of jinn (evil shayaateen) is enlisted by the sorcerers/witches who practise this mode of treatment.

It is mentioned in literature pertaining to this therapy:

“Emanation philosophies suggest that in essence we were once One, but have separated. Our journey is to return to our origin, Our (various) state(s) of being are when we are separated from The Implicate Reality….”

This stupid doctrine of explicit kufr postulates that all creation is God-Incarnate and part of Allah Azza Wa Jal, i.e. part of His Zaat, not His creations. What is the meaning of “Implicate Reality”? The moron sorcerers/witches utilize such terms to befuddle ignoramuses. The “Implicate Reality” is Allah Azza Wa Jal. The Satanists of this therapy believe that at one stage we all constituted parts of Allah’s Zaat, and all the problems and detrimental issues affecting us developed after separation from the Divine Zaat. This is satanic kufr.

Insaan, jinn and all aspects of creation are the makhlooq of Allah Ta’ala Who has brought us all into existence from pure non-existence. We were not part of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Such kufr excommunicates from the fold of Islam. Such kufr belief eliminates Imaan.

Mudras are hand and body gestures which are generally associated with sorcerers, witches and fortune-tellers. There is satanic manipulation in the fingers and hands indulging in such satanic methodology. Mudras is a Hindu term, and are extensively employed in Hindu and Buddhist rituals, and in Yoga meditation and dance practices.

The sorcerers/witches giving their Satanist therapy a ‘scientific’ flavour to mislead and deceive, say:

“Mudras attract cosmic energy into the microcosm and arouse the etheric body’s latent energy into awakened activity. These awakened energies manifest as magnetic and electrical force, depending on their form, or channels, conveying prana (life force) and other energies of etheric origin….”

In simple terms: Mudras attract evil jinn. The ‘energies of etheric origin’ are in fact evil jinn. The therapy is contaminated by shaitaani energy and manipulation. It is in substrata of this ‘etheric’ kind that shaitaan succeeds to ruin the Imaan of people.

Even Christian faith-healers employ shaitaani aid to effect ‘healing’ which they then attribute to their religion of kufr and shirk.

Muslims should steer clear from all such persons who dabble in metaphysical and etherical kinds of treatment. These therapies come with the peril of the destruction of Imaan and the ultimate worship of Iblees. People are subtly converted to Satanism by means of these therapies.

This shaitaani mudras therapy is Haraam.

13 Jamaadil Awwal 1442 – 28 December 2020

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