What are dreams?

Q. What are dreams? Please give some explanation. Do dreams influence a person’s actions?

A. There are different categories of dreams. Some dreams are true while others are false. Some dreams are the machinations of shaitaan, and some dreams are caused by even an upset stomach, especially when eating late at night. This kind of dream is drivel. Good dreams are from Allah Ta’ala, and they cause happiness, peace, and sometimes they act as warnings which make a person conscious of his moral life, and urge him to improve his Deeni life. Such dreams are usually seen just before Subh Saadiq (before Fajr Salaat time begins). Fearful dreams are mostly from shaitaan. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that when seeing a fearful dream and you wake up in the night, then recite Walahoula wala quw wata il laa bil laahil azeem; then spit on your left side; then turn around and sleep on the other side. Never narrate a bad/fearful dream to just anyone or to an ignoramus. Sometimes if a person blurts out a wrong interpretation, it happens accordingly. Therefore, if you narrate a dream, narrate it to a person of the Deen who is a man of wisdom. Dreams do not influence, and events do not happen because of dreams. What happens is that sometimes one sees a dream about something which is decreed to happen. It does not happen because of the dream. The dream is merely a sort of a notification of the event.


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