An Open Letter to Muslim Youth

To All Muslim Youth (Boys and Girls),


Given below is a very special message I want to convey to you.

Allah has granted you numerous favours.

The greatest favour that Allah has bestowed upon you is: You are a Muslim and have been given the greatest Gift of Imaan (Belief in ALLAH)

You could have been a Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or any other non-Muslim.

How fortunate are you that you have been handed over the Most Precious, the Most Prestigious and the Most Treasured Deen of Islam on a Silver Platter?

You have got to be aware that after having recited the Kalimah Shahadah, you are not like any one of the non-Muslims boys or girls.

You are Exceptionally Different!

Your status is Highly Superior in comparison to them!

You possess numerous Very Distinctive Qualities which these non-Muslims youngsters are overwhelmingly lacking and your status is much, much Higher than any of them in every respect.

Then it is also very imperative that you ensure you are not a Muslim by name only.

Following are some of the attributes that you must develop in your lifestyle to become a Practicing Muslim.

Offering Salah five times daily with Jamat (congregation). Salah is a Fardh (an obligatory act) on every Muslim.

  1. Reciting Allah’s Kalaam, the Holy Qur’an, with Tajweed (the set of rules governing the way in which the words/letters of the Qur’an should be pronounced during its recitation) and practicing upon Allah’s Commands contained in it.

Following the Sunnah of our Beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam. The Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam has been accepted as an important source of Islamic law, next in importance only to the Holy Qur’an.

Respecting and Honouring your Parents. In your sight your parents’ esteem should be very high.

Maintaining cleanliness and purity (Taharat). As a Muslim it is imperative that you stay pure at all times. Islam has given great emphasis on keeping clean and staying clean.

Having good Akhlaq(the practice of virtues, morality and good manners)

It is of vital importance that you avoid the company of the non-Muslim youth or the youth who are not practicing Muslims. You should befriend them only with the intention of inviting them towards Islam.

Remember, these non-Muslim youth can influence you with some of their un-Islamic trends and customs like:

Keeping girlfriends/boyfriends (opposite sex friendship).
Indecent Dressing Style.
Earning and Consuming Haraam.
Using immoral language full of swearing and abuses.
Taking part in customs and celebrations like Christmas, Valentine Day, Halloween, Diwali, Holietc.
Wasting time on social media and playing digital games.
Using digital devices for immoral purposes.

Finally, here is a very Passionate and a Pivotal advice to all the Muslim youth.

Many of you are very fond of having popular celebrities like actors, comedians, dancers, sportspeople, singers, musicians, etc. as your favourite personalities.

Some of you even take them as your ‘Role Models’.

Remember, most of these people may be worthless, worldly people.

Some of them may even be having some very unpleasant attributes hidden in their characters.

Many of them may not be Muslims and as such they cannot be termed as ‘clean and pure human beings’.

Please erase their names forever from the list of your favourite personalities or your ‘role models’.

If you are seriously desirous of having someone as your Role Model then read the Seerah (biography) of our Beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam with all sincerity and love.

You will recognise him as an Unmatchable Human Being in the entire Human History and you will inshaAllah wholeheartedly accept him as YOUR ROLE MODEL!

May Allah guide you to become genuine Muslims in every respect…Aameen.


*Valentine Day is supposed to be for Christians only. It is also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, celebrated annually on February 14. It originated as a Western Christian feast day honouring one or two early Christian martyrs named ‘Saint Valentine’ and is recognized as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world.

**Halloween also known as All Saints’ Eve, is a celebration observed in many Christian countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. On the evening of that day millions of children in the Western world paint their faces, dress up in scary costumes, and go door to door collecting treats. The adults often decorate their houses with ghostly figures, carve scary faces on pumpkins, and put candles in them to create “Jack-O-Lanterns.”

***Holi is Hindu free-for-all festival of colours, where people smear each other with colours and drench each other. On that day some of the Hindus also consume bhang, an edible mixture made from the buds, leaves, and flowers of the female cannabis, or marijuana, plant.

By: M. B. Ahmed

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