The gravest danger for the Imaan of the masses is the deviation of the ulama. The factor which aggravates the danger which effaces Imaan, is the inherent evil of the nafs. The deviation of a senior scholar is generally appealing to the ignorant masses, modernists, deviates and the like on account of the appeal which baatil fatwas exercise on base and carnal nafsaani desire.

The zigzag fatwas of a deviate, mudhil mufti (one who misleads Muslims) are designed to soothe the palates of the juhala, the wealthy and the rulers. The moron, mudhil mufti’s objective is hub-e-maal (love for wealth) and hub-e-jah (love for name and fame). Jah brings in its wake the ill-gotten maal with which the mufti nourishes himself and his family oblivious of Maut constantly stalking him. In fact, he exhibits the attitudes of an atheist. He conducts himself as if there is no Omnipotent, Omnipresent Allah.

Taqi Uthmani has degenerated into a cesspool of kufr inequity. He is responsible for the destruction of the Imaan and Akhlaaq of countless jaahil Muslims whom he has misguided with his zigzag baatil fatwas. On the issue of the corona virus conspiracy, his kufr has become glaringly conspicuous. At the behest of his handlers in the Pakistani government whose miserable agent he is, he has issued a list of kufr protocols in furtherance of the Bill Gates agenda. It is our intention to respond and refute in some detail each kufr protocol with which this unfortunate, miserable mudhil mufti is advising the juhala masses.

Satanically acquitting himself on the hallucinated so-called ‘second wave’ of the covid mirage, Taqi Uthmani said:

“Many people linked to the Marasahs, Masjids.”

Allah Ta’ala says in His Glorious Kalaam: “The (physical) eyes are not blind. But the eyes within the breasts (hearts) are blind.”

Only a spiritually blinded heart – blinded by shaitaani manipulation – is capable of disgorging such kufr effluvium as the above statement which the mouth has excreted. What type of ‘mufti’ is the man who is ignorant or oblivious of the Qur’aanic declaration: “No person will die but with the permission (command) of Allah at the appointed time.”

Maut is by the decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Sickness befalls a man at the command of Allah Ta’ala. Sickness is generally a prelude for the decreed Maut from which no one can escape. A world full of kuffaar protocols, a world full of precautions and a world full of moron atheists doctors, experts and scientist cannever succeed to delay Maut by a second.

Taqi Uthmani has singled out the Institutions of Allah Ta’ala (the Musaajid and the Madaaris), painting these august Institutions of the Deen with the kufr paint and swine brush of the atheists, to dessiminate among the juhala masses that the Musaajid and the Madaaris are ‘superspreaders’ of the Bill Gates Disease (BGD). Whilst Allah Ta’ala, speaking on the Tongue of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that calamities (including diseases) which descend from the heavens at Allah’s command, are diverted from the Musaajid, this most unfortunate mudhil mufti character, with implied refutation, states the exact opposite.

Furthermore, the moron speaks as if the epicentre of the hallucinated disease is the Musaajid and the Madaaris where Allah Ta’ala is worshiped and His Deen disseminated. He has no word of advice for the bazaars, malls, and other public venues where people congregate in mass congestion. His brains are directed only at the Musaajid and Madaaris. Only he knows how many dollars this satanic stance brings to his coffers.

If ‘many’ people linked to the Madaaris and Musaajid have died in recent months, how many more – much more – have perished all over the world at places totally unlinked with the Institutions of Allah Ta’ala? Where did the vast majority of so-called covid victims perish? Did they die in the Musaajid and Madaaris? Are they linked to the Musaajid/Madaaris? Are people linked to the Musaajid and Madaaris immune of Maut? Will they not die? Are they not expected to die? If some Muslims who are linked to the Musaajid / Madaaris die, is it proper, just and imperative to cackle about it as a hen does when she lays an egg?

What type of necrosistic disease has overtaken the brain which conjectures this stupid picture of death striking people because they are linked to the Musaajid and Madaaris. Have people who are linked to universities, banks, brothels, factories, malls, market-places, etc., etc., etc., not perished? The logic which Taqi Uthmani exhibits is the effect of Takhabbatush Shaitaan (Satanic manipulation of the brains), hence he has blurted out such stupid kufr statements and advices which testify to his deviance and satanism. Since he is linked to the capitalist riba banks, he miserably fails to understand any covid factor regarding such persons linked to banks. Only the spectre of the Musaajid and Madaaris looms up in his brain fossilized with satanism.

He has displayed disregard for Allah’s Command and Decree related to the death of people. In fact, every single act regardless of its ostensible insignificance is by the decree of Allah Ta’ala.

The manner of his stupid, shaitaani acquittal conveys the idea to the juhala that if those who had died had not been linked to the Musaajid and Madaaris they would still have been alive. This idea is blatant kufr. It is such kufr which can be expurgated only by Taubah and Renewal of Imaan. His haraam, kufr advice is a demonstration of a satanically disingenuous attempt to gratiate his handlers and cohorts – that he is diligently and adequately fulfilling the demands of the Bill Gates conspiracy in which the Pakistani government is a devilish cog whom Taqi Uthmani is serving.

He and his stupid supporters should divest their brains of the notion that his ‘seniority’ exempts him from the scrutiny of the Haqq. His baatil creed has effaced his Islamic seniority. He lays today sprawled in the cesspool of fisq and kufr inequity which the bestial nafs has created for him.

Insha-Allah, every flapdoodle argument he presents to justify his kufr acquittal shall be refuted and demolished in a series of articles.

“Salaam on those who follow the Huda of Allah”

4 Jamaadil Awwal 1442 – 19 December 2020

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