A Brother from U.K. writes:


Anglicization of UK Maulvis

‘They have taken their scholars and monks for lords beside Allah Ta’ala.’ (Glorious Qur’an, 9:31)

Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam stated, ‘Your leaders are a reflection of your deeds.’

It is the incumbent duty of every Muslims to consider all developments in life with an unbiased approach in light of the Moral Code of Glorious Qur’an, Hadeeth, Fiqh and rulings/ethos of our Salf-Saaliheen. In this context, many of the recent fatwas of UK Darul Iftaa’s are found wanting, mind-boggling, embarrassing, weird and way short of the high standards and Maslak of our Akabireen rahmatullahi alayhim and Darul Uloom Doband. The entire edifice and modus operandi of UK Muftis/Maulvis, Madaris, Tableegh Jamaat and Khanqaahs now reeks of bootlicking and appeasement to atheist and the apparently wealthy – just like the Ulama of Banu Isra’eel:

Recently, the call of UK Muftis for Masajid Closures, before the UK Government had announced closure for places of worship; secondly, their diktats for Madaris to unnecessarily close – at a time when schools continued to operate but local authorities and public health bodies transgressed beyond their remit to cajole these Chaplains to transfer onto online teaching and now, thirdly, the ultimate act of folly – for many Darul Ifta’s to quite unnecessarily legitimise, approve and promote the glut of Covid-19 Vaccines that have miraculously mushroomed.

What doubt is there in the haram nature of all these vaccines? For those enamoured with foreign ways, there is ample scientific/medical evidence published by even Western scientists to show the harms of almost all vaccines. It is palpably naïve and downright foolish, nay stupid in the extreme, to expect these multi-national pharmaceutical companies to release the exact ingredients of their vaccines – which by their own standards have not been tested or monitored over the usual period of time and have already proven to be fatal, with documented casualties.

A former (sic) UK Mufti, to pull wool over the eyes of lay people, has even allegorised the use of vaccines to the Sunnah act of cupping. This is sheer lunacy and blasphemy. In cupping, an impure substance (foul blood) is removed from the body – whilst in vaccination, impurities and a concoction of dangerous elements are introduced into the body. The same former Mufti even has the temerity to argue, ‘We don’t understand from where they got the details of the ingredients. The manufacturers have not yet given the details. How did the Mufti Saheb come to know of the contents?’ By his own admission, he does not have the ingredients (nobody does – they are commercial secret’s – government regulations are wildly flouted because these very pharmaceuticals have paid parliamentarians to enact ‘exemption laws’ granting them protection from liability). When the norm is for non-Muslim businesses and kufr entities to incline towards impurity (napaaki), then the de-facto response must be to assume they contain impure substance, unless we have 100% reliable information otherwise.

For UK Maulvis/Muftis to keep quoting the Korangi Mufti is disingenuous and paradoxically they are the ones bringing his name into disrepute. Recent example of well documented glaring errors by Darul Uloom Korangi include:

Granting Permissibility to Mastooraat to travel overseas without a Sharee Mahram.
To legitimise TV and participate in chat shows with non-mahram presenters.
To approve Riba-based Yahoodi Arabian finance by branding it as Islamic.
To approve and undertake those practices which are in diametric conflict with the Sunnah of Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the Sahabah radhiyallahu anhum and generations of Akabireen, for example, eating off tables-chairs in their Madrasah.

Let us return to the shenanigans of UK Maulvis. Notice how they are silent and in tacit agreement to the removal of the Glorious Quran from our Masajid – yet dubious magazines and leaflets bearing names of these celebrity shaykhs are still promoted and distributed whilst the Qalaam of Allah Ta’ala is somehow to be viewed with trepidation and removed from public viewing – lest a reader catches something.

Our cartel of UK Maulvis proclaim blind observance (taqleed) of all such measures, even describing them as Waajib (compulsory), whereas some of these measures are not even mandatory – merely guidelines.

Which UK law says it is compulsory to close Ablution Areas and Toilets?

Which UK law says we must have ‘crosses’ marked on the Masjid Carpet?

Which UK law said we have to close down our Madaris – when UK Schools, Shops and a host of other Out-Of-School-Settings may continue to operate?

How many of the other UK laws do these Maulvis/Masjid Committees/Trustees adhere to?

Are they just as law-abiding when it comes to money-laundering, benefit claims, free medical prescriptions, regular overseas first-class trips, charity regulations, tax-returns, H&S, building and fire regulations, payment to staff/employees, etc, etc?

Are cash collections, gifts and payments to these visiting Shaykh’s declared?

When such glaring errors are highlighted – when their image of infallibility is rent asunder – their lackeys, bootlickers and hangers-on are the first to take umbrage and disparage the voice of Haqq.

Anti-Vax, anti-ulama, fitna-mongers, conspiracy theorists, extremists and a host of vitriolic hot-air is fired-back in an attempt to create a smoke-screen from the real issues – which is bootlicking of atheists and wanton disregard of the rulings of Deen. Why do these UK Maulvis/Muftis not respond to these charges with Sharee Daleel? Why do they hide behind the Korangi Mufti’s?

They, like the Bani Israeel Ulama before, use Deeni terms and names of globe-trotting Maulvis to befool a gullible public, dilute and water down Deeni Commands and serve the agendas of their atheist financiers. Servitude to the wealthy and atheist has so convoluted their brains, despite Deeni Maloomaat – they are no longer able to guide the Muslim Ummah.

Despite these Maulvis spending from 6-10 years in Madrassah, the majority graduate as incompetent, unable to undertake further in-depth study, research or commit themselves to teaching or any other service of Deen without perks. Almost all are drowned in love of this world (hubb-e-dunya); we are not talking about a reasonable residence, income, car and phone – their sights are now on mansions, executive cars, multiple holidays, latest mobile gadgets in multiple numbers and regular consumption of take-away junk. Attend any Masjid in a locality in UK synonymous with a large number of Huffaz/ Maulvis, one will be fortunate to observe a single other person from this profession besides the paid Imam.

Should all the blame go to the Maulvis? No, they are merely a reflection of the misdeeds of UK Muslims.

‘And do not barter my signs for a paltry price and take protection in Me alone. And do not mix truth and falsehood and do not knowingly hide the truth.’ (Glorious Qur’an, 2:42-43) (End of article)


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“The Saalihoon are departing (from this world in quick succession, one after the other. Then will remain only hufaalah (i.e. rubbish/flotsam/muck) such as the chaf of dates or barley. Allah will have no care whatsoever for them.”

Now there remain only the juhhaal who are “the worst of people under the canopy of the sky. From them emerge fitnah and the fitnah will rebound on them.” (Hadith)

29 Rabiuth Thaani 1442 – 15 December 2020

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