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Among the challenges for Muslims in the West in refuting secular ideology is the need to frame the discussion properly. Many Muslims attempt to argue for the Deen within a secular framework—taking secular notions for granted and failing to examine the inconsistencies and absurdities that underlie secularism. Bi’idhnillah, our intention here is to address this challenge.

Our First Principle

We say that there is an Eternal, Incomparable, Transcendent (Free-of-Need) Creator. The proof for this is that the world exists. The world can’t be beginningless (for this would lead to the fallacy of the infinite regression). The world can’t be self-created. The non-existent could not produce something—for action requires existence. The non-existent can’t act; a thing must be to do. From this, reason necessitates the recognition of the Creator. The Creator must be One (there could not be a duality or a multitude of Creators). The…

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