I am a British Muslim and I notice a general lack of time keeping in fulfilling one’s duty in the Islamic circles.

I understand that sometimes people have emergencies and need to be excused but I see a trend in:

  • Bayans extended because the program started late or speaker wants to take another 20 minutes to make a point
  • Islamic programs/workshops schedule changes or running late because of a speaker or someone arriving late Maktab/Madrasah teachers arriving late
  • I have witnessed Maktab/Madrasah teachers checking text messages or emails on phone during teaching
  • Teachers not informing the Administrative staff of absence (or informing late) so suitable cover for children in the Maktab cannot be arranged for Tajweed or Nazira etc.

Those who notice these matters and try to rectify are labelled as acting like “White people” and being “too professional”.

I would like to ask if time keeping, schedule and disciple is part of Islam  or something imposed on us by the corporate sector and white (colonial British Masters)? Are the administrative staff of Maktab correct in enforcing discipline  and professionalism?

When I am at my work the situation is different but as soon as I get back to my Masjid after work, it is assumed that it needs to run in a different manner and time keeping, scheduling and fulfilling one’s duty is something alien to Islam.

Please withhold my name but give us permission to make your response public. Can you elaborate on this matter in some detail please.

Jazakallahu Khayran



29 Rajab 1435 (29 May 2014)

Your e-mail dated 28 May 2014 refers.

The importance of Time is adequately illustrated by the fact that Allah Ta’ala in the Qur’aan Hakeem takes an oath, “By The Time!”  The disease of stealing time is universal in the Ummah  of this age. Even those who are supposed to be Ulama are extremely lax, to say the least, on this issue.

Madrasah teachers, Musjid Imaams and  workers in Deeni organizations who are paid salaries,  think nothing of  stealing time. Morally, their theft of time is in the same category as stealing money or tangible items. It is haraam for a salaried employee to  attend to any of his personal  duties/work during his time of service. They are guilty of khiyaanat (abuse of Amaanat) by coming late to Madrasah, finishing off early or taking days off and  then collect full salary.

The claim that punctuality and strict observance of time are attributes of “the white man”, are  downright stupid and baseless. Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi was a sterling example of observing punctuality meticulously. Those who  dishonor time are generally careless in even their Deeni issues. While they strictly emulate all the haraam  styles and fashions of the “white man”, they  refuse to adopt  the good attributes of the white man, which in fact are attributes and teachings of Islam adopted by the white man.
The fact is that when Allah Ta’ala wills a nation to become rulers over others, then He instills order, system and superior intelligence to them. Then we see the ruled races all following even the immorality of their masters. In this age, we must acknowledge that the “white man” is still the boss. All other nations – Arabs, Asians, Africans, Chinese, etc. – are still the serfs of the western white man. Hence they set the tune for the whole world. The brains of all non-white races remain thoroughly colonized.
Your concerns regarding the abuse of Time are correct. The salaried Ustaadhs and Imaams who abuse Time are guilty of devouring haraam by accepting full payment when they did not  do full work.


A.S. Desai


Mujlisul Ulama of S.A.

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