(PART 1 TO 5)

(Treating the Auliya with contempt, especially their personal life’s which
one knows hardly anything about, is the surest manner for self-destruction.
History is littered with the left overs of many an egoist who burnt their waxed wings.

The article is dedicated to the tens of thousands of followers of the Majlis who despite not knowing much about Moulana A.S. Desai and despite the attempts to vilify him, still ardently remain committed to the Haqq which
the Majlis proclaims.

The Man behind The Majlis… Allah’s special friend, whose spiritual rays brightens the Muslim World has always been a personality who has shunned name and fame. It is with the greatest of reluctance that, we are now compelled to “expose” Hadhrat Moulana. The alternative is Allah’s Athaab befalling us for remaining silent)

The man behind the majlis-
Moulana A.S Desai.
Part 1

  1. Moulana never bothered to unpack his bags for three years during his student days in Jalalabad because: “The day I am not interested in studying,I will return home immediately. I do not need to waste my time packing my
  2. Instead of completing his Aalim course over seven years, he completed ALL KITAABS UNDER THE PERSONAL SUPERVISION of Hadhrat Moulanna
    Maseehullah Rahmatullahi Alayh under three years.
  3. Though residing in Jalalabad for approximately three years, he never visited the Bazaar which was a mere five hundred metres away.
  4. He preferred to eat boiled potato’s on his own for fear that eating delicious food from the students mess would entail a wastage of precious time.
  5. Such was his dedication to studies that his Ustaads would stand up in honour of him whilst he was a student. Even until today, such respect is shown to his Ustaads which constantly earn him Du’aas.

The Man behind the Majlis-
Part 2

He studied twenty hours daily to the extent that Moulana Maseehullah Rahmatullahi Alayh had to plead with him to go and sleep. Hadhrat would come and extinguish the lamp with his own blessed hands.

  1. Immediately after completing his studies, his Sheikh, Moulana
    Maseehullah, granted him Khilaafat on the very day he made him Bay’at.
  2. Despite being inundated with work, Moulana finds daily time to feed the Allah’s free birds, and when away on journey, makes intricate arrangements for those birds to be fed. He fears that they may fly away hungry in distress from his home.
  3. Despite his immense responsibilities, he daily cooks a pot of food with his own hands and makes sandwiches for the poor who come and beg at his door. He serves them with his own hands.
  4. His worldly possessions fit in a child’s small school bag.

The man behind the Majlis-
Part 3

1)He did not buy a new jersey to ward of the bitter cold as he was not confident that he will live long enough to wear it.

2)His selfless Deeni service spans more then four and a half decades.

3)His Sheikh foretold that he singularly will do the work of a hundred Ulama.

4)His Sheikh instructed him not to be distracted by the views of others unless they provided Shar’I evidence.

5)He is kind hearted enough not to poison a rat that was causing a problem in his library or use a trap that would brutally kill it. Instead, a special huge devise had to be structured and when the uninjured rat was trapped, it was gently taken to the mountains and freed in the bushes.

The Man Behind the Majlis-
Moulana A.S Desai
Part 4

1)Without knowing Khaled Rasheed from a bar of soap, he persisted in aiding him and more then a hundred Muslims in the notorious Lindela prison – only because they were his Muslim brothers!

2)He singular handedly set up a Maktab system consisting of almost three thousand classes in more then a dozen countries where more then four hundred thousand Muslim children daily receive their Ta’leem.

3)He set up a system in these Makaatibs where these three hundred thousand students recite a hundred Duroods daily. Thus, thirty million Duroods are gifted to Rasullullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam daily through the hard work of Moulana.

4)A total of his printed publications over four decades exceeds five million copies of newspapers and kitaabs.

5)He has singularly written more Kitaabs then all the Ulama of South Africa collectively.

The Man Behind The Majlis-
Moulana A.S Desai
Part 5

1)He has never ever claimed a single cent of royalty, nor “publication rights” to his works

2)His publications are accepted worldwide and have affected the lives of people from Turkey to Togo, Chile to China and Sudan to Syria.

3)His opinion is sought out by prisoners and professors, governments and gangsters languishing in jails.

4)Some Ulama wished to greet him when he once went for Umarah. Moulana was busy making Du’aa in a secluded
corner of The Haram Sharief. After about an hour, the Ulama became tired of waiting whilst Moulana continued with his Du’aa.



The Man Behind The Majlis-
Moulana A.S Desai.
Part 6

1)He refused to eat lunch during the days when he was translating the Kitaab “Mashaa’ikh-e-Chisht”. Since these Mashaaikh spent their days in hunger, he felt ashamed to do so write about them whilst his stomach was full.

2)Though he brings forth the Shar’I violations of The Tableegh Jama’at, yet he advices those who have absolutely no knowledge of Deen to join the Jamaat.

3)Whilst condemning Radio Islam in its initial stages, he still desperately sought to assist them in their case against ICASA to the extent that he would attempt to communicate relevant data from Bangladesh to The Jamiat.

4)Even his opponents such as the Bid’ati’s refer to him for some of their personal Masaa’il.

5)He was unjustly imprisoned in Bangladesh for almost two years in the Path of Allah Ta’aala.

The Man Behind The Majlis-
Maulana A.S Desai
Part 7

1)Whilst imprisoned, he would make Tilaawat of ten Paraahs daily and perform two hundred Rak’aats Salaah.

2)He started a Maktab in prison and reformed the lives of many with his personal Taqwaa and kindness.

3)Bangaldesh Ministers pleaded with for him to establish Madrassah in their villages after his release.

4)His release was demanded for by thousands of marchers, festooned with banners proclaiming his innocence.

5)when he returned he insisted that no one be made aware of his arrival back home as he wished to shun all publicity.

The Man Behind The Majlis-
Moulana A.S Desai
Part 8

1)He single handedly stopped a highway from being constructed which would have entailed the destruction of a Masjid in Port Elizabeth. The Apartheid appointed regime judge referred to him as “that intelligent person”.

2)He has never missed his four Rak’aats Sunnah of Asr and Eshaa for the last forty years other then through exceptional circumstances.

3)He remains in a state of continuous Wudhu and performs two Rak’aats Sallatul-Wudhu with every Wudhu performed.

4)One senior Non-Muslim government official who was critically ill in an I.C.U. unit, scribbled a note to with great difficulty, stating that “Tell the Moulana to pray for me.” Moulana made Du’aa for him and he unexpectedly recovered. Such is the power of his Du’aas.

5)He recites two Parahs daily BEFORE FAJR SALAAH and concludes his daily twenty hours toil for this Ummah’s Hidayat with two Rakaats Salaah Shukr before sleeping.

The Man Behind The Majlis-
Moulana A.S Desai
Part 9

1)He instructed his travelling companions not to refer to him as “Moulana” when introducing him to others. Again, he detest fame and prefers anonymity.

2)He smiled sweetly at the person who vilified and insulted him for more then an hour. This person was not aware of Moulana’s identity. When someone brought to the notice of the perpetrator the identity that “this is the same Moulana” you bad mouthing, the person melted with shame and made Taubaah. Moulana put him at ease.

3)Despite travelling for ten hours with a severe headache, he still finds time to listen to people’s problems for another five hours without showing any impatience.

4)On the Holy Nights of Eid, when others are busy broadcasting and clamouring with calls for Biryani pots, he secludes himself in a room and spends the night praising and worshipping Allah Ta’aala.

The Man Behind The Majlis-
Moulana A.S Desai
Part 10

1)After passing the night in this manner, he hardly has time on the morning of Eid to change into fresh (forget new) clothing as he is too busy replying to the letters which are piled up front of him.
While the Ummah celebrates he is busy serving them.

2)He receives more then three thousand letters and correspondences a year and personally replies each one.

3)The majority of his days are spent in fasting.

4)He prefers to travel by car instead of using free plane tickets as “I am away from the Liquor and Haraam activities taking place in a plane. And then I dread a woman being seated next to me. Travelling by car gives me an opportunity to remember Allah Ta’aala in comfort and read my Sunnats in comfort.”

4)When he traveled for Haj, he spent his time writing and when he became tired he covered his face to shield himself from the T.V.



The Man Behind The Majlis-
Moulana A.S Desai.
Part 11

1)He displayed no annoyance when awakened at two in the morning to read and blow upon a crying hysterical baby.

2)His foresight has repeatedly proven to be correct. Thus, he was one of the very very few Aalims in the world who foresaw the collapse of The Talebaan Government in Afghanistan long before it happened.

3)His adherence to the Sunnah is impeccable. He refused to partake meals with the then President of Afghanistan, Rabbani, as the meals were served on the table. The President was surprised at this True Love which was displayed for Rasullullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam and instructed his guards to place the food on the floor where he HUMBLY joined Moulana. Moulana thereafter remarked: “My King and my president is in Medina Munawara I was not prepared to hurt him”

4)His Love for Truth caused him to publish an article asking Allah Ta’aala for forgiveness when he backed and praised
The Shi’a Imam Khomeini in the 1970’s. Even now, he readily retracts his views when his errors are pointed out to him.

5)When people of Baatil tried to frame him falsely and accused him with breaking into a shop, they miserably failed as Allah Ta’aala aided him. After the identity parade at the Police Station, the culprit laying the charge, was sweating.

The Man Behind The Majlis-
Maulana A.S Desai
Part 12

1)He has been appointed as The Mujaddeed of South Africa by Qutbul-Auliyaa, Imaam-Rabbani, Shaikhut-Tareeqat wa Shari’at, Hadhrat Moulana Maseehullah (Rahmatullahi Alayh).
(A Mujaddeed is one who will reform the evils which creep into Deen. The Mujaddeed will stamp out all forms of Bid’ah and evil in every segment of Deen.)

2)His Sheikh Moulana Maseehullah referred to as “my friend” when someone complained about him.

3)Despite being so marvellously spiritually endowed, yet is desirous of his Islaah. Thus, he was found pouring over an old Kitaab, seriously scrutinising his Nafs. When queried from, he remarked: “I have travelled and sincerely attempted
to find a Sheikh. Until I find one, this Kitaab will serve as my guide.”

4)After completing Hajj and shaving his head at the barber, he insisted that the hair be collected in a bag for burial. This caused the barber to remark that “Millions of Hajee’s have come and gone, you are the first person who has treated the hair with such respect in accordance to the Shariah!”

5)A Mufti had a dispute with Moulana. After several correspondences, the Mufti who teaches in a Ddarul-Uloom humbly remarked: “All of us were under the impression that Moulana answers questions without doing proper research. We were shocked at his research! He has quoted Kitaabs which we never knew to even exist.

Moulana Maseehullah (Rahmatullahi Alayh) said

Enough for now! Whose chest will not swell with pride at this great Ni’mat of being a subscriber to the Majlis? Someone who cares for the feelings of birds must necessarily be a Saint!Someone who does not trust himself to live long enough to purchase a new jersey and get to wear it, must be a friend of Allah Ta’ala…


May Allah Ta’ala reward him for his efforts towards Deen and grant him long life with good health آمِيْن

NB: The series named ‘the man behind the majlis’ was received from a brother who personally knows moulana Ahmed Saadiq Desai.

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  1. This is so inspiring on so many levels. Jazakallah Khair.

    May Allah (SWT) guide all Muslim men to do amal like Moulana AS Desai!


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