From the UK a Brother writes:

During this ‘plandemic’ there has been a subtle perceptible shift from the Ulama in the UK in order to adopt atheist precautionary measures. I say subtle, because they hoped nobody would notice. Most didn’t, because they were already plagued by secularism prior to the ‘plandemic.’ Hence on its arrival, they either saw the logic in the shift from the Ulama, or didn’t see anything wrong due to their Imaani inhibitions being extinguished.

For example, handshaking was relegated from being Sunnah to Mustahab, or even worse, unnecessary. This istikhfaaf can lead to a person apostatising, but nobody noticed.

A brother I know performed Wudhu from home, having yaqeen that Wudhu is a Muslim’s shield. When he got to the Masjid he was instructed that he needed to hand sanitise. He was barred from entering when he refused because Wudhu was deemed insufficient protection. As a result the mureedeen, acting on the instruction of their Hadhrat fell foul of Surah 2, verse 114. They became, in that instant, the biggest dhalims (even worse than the munafiqeen).

In the Masajid the Imams disingenuously use the rationale that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam’s Fardh Salah was short, hence due to ‘plandemic’ by shortening Salah they are acting in accordance with the Sunnah. What they deceptively omit is that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam’s Fardh Salah was never as short as our Fardh Salah even before the ‘plandemic.’ The masnoon qira’at was read in Fardh Salah by Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.

One Molvi’s vermiculated brains caused him to suggest that the musallis should hold their breath in Sajdah to preclude aerosol droplets contaminating the carpet. Picture it! In the House of Allah – a fort – where the Hadith says people are protected from calamities, in the most beloved posture of proximity to Allah, this moronic Molvi is advocating yaqeen in contagion. Shameless! What Salah has he been performing all his life that it led to a conviction in something other than Salah?

This same Molvi was videoed holding the Word of Allah in what looked like surgical gloves. They were white, presumably because it was Jumu’ah and he thought wearing white surgical like gloves was Sunnah. Who knows? Just Picture it! If it wasn’t so serious, it would be a comedy. A Molvi wearing gloves because the Qur’an which is Shifa, & is held with Wudhu can give you a virus.

Another deception perpetrated during this ‘plandemic’ is the invocation of the concept of dharoorah (necessity) or umum al-balwa (common widespread plight). Most common people, so steeped in ignorance and searching for ease, don’t even seek clarification as to the definition of these concepts or when they can be invoked as per the previous pious fuqaha. The Molvis know their congregation are mostly stupid and hence they baffle them with these concepts, subjectively providing their own definitions as though they are the Imam Abu Hanifas of their era.

I have ceased listening to such Molvis talks or rulings because they are demolishing the Deen, brick by brick. Soon the people will be practicing something that is not Islam, thinking it is Islam, thus paving their way to destruction.

Those that defend these Molvis have no substance to their defence. Their hollow defence is that they are ‘Ulama’ without knowing themselves what the true definition of an ‘Alim’ is. Alternatively, they refer to the Molvis’ alleged reputation. They forget, or rather they don’t know, that bigger ‘shaykhs’ than the Molvis of today became murtad in previous eras.

Sadly, most people are comatose to any naseehah, be it imparted tactfully or with harshness. Allah Ta’ala has, as per The Qur’an, sealed their hearts, sight and hearing. Nothing can rouse them, unless Allah Ta’ala has mercy on them.

It is for this reason schools across the UK are open & many Madaris remain closed under the guise of practical improbabilities. These shaytaans didn’t value knee-to-knee Deeni education in the first place, hence Allah Ta’ala has deprived them off it long term.

7 Rabiul Awwal 1442 – 24 October 2020

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