A Brother from the U.K. writes:

Attached is a statement from a “Father” David Palmer. There are some instructive lessons for the Ulama in the UK, and frankly they should be ashamed that a person of falsehood can stand up so bravely for his beliefs, but the inheritors of the prophets can’t bat an eyelid. What sort of inheritors are they? Are they even Muslim? If a clergyman can show more backbone than “Hadhrat,” what does that say about the ‘Hadhraats, Muftis and Molvis’ and their value for Deen – the very Deen that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam tied stones to his stomach for.

The first point in his short post demonstrates his willingness to go to the very edge to protect his religion. He is willing to be arrested. Isn’t that what all our pious predecessors did, i.e. do everything within their physical capability to uphold the pillars of Allah’s Deen?

Did Maulana Husain Ahmad Madni Rahmatullahi Alayh not go to prison for preservation of Deen? Here a clergyman is teaching the ‘Ulama’ of what value should be attached to Deen.

He then makes public repentance for his previous stance which was also made public. Let alone private repentance, we have Ulama in the UK behaving like compliant poodles over a ‘plandemic’ that has an infection fatality rate of less than 1%.

Thirdly, the clergyman is teaching UK Ulama the value of the hereafter and the insignificance of this putrid dunya which has been equated to a carcass.

It is mind boggling how a clergyman can unwittingly provide advices the essence of which should be the belief of the Muslims.

We’re in the era where the Sahabi mentioned that not a single person in the Masjid will be a Muslim. May Allah Ta’ala grant David Palmer the hidaayat of Imaan. (End of the brother’s letter)


Wales has decided to close the Churches again. I will be arrested before I deny the sacraments to the people of God again. And I repent for having backed down before. Eternal life comes before this life…or our faith means nothing. Fr David Palmer

(End of the priest’s statement)


The “instructive lessons” are not only for the molvi cartel of U.K. The advice of the priest is valid for all the bootlicking molvis all over the world.

According to the Hadith, a word of Wisdom is the property of Muslims. He should take possession of it wherever he finds it. In this era, Imaan of even the Buzroogs and genuine Shaikhs is exceptionally weak. While it cannot be expected of them to acquit themselves like the Akaabireen of former times, the bare Waajib minimum expectation is that they do not become bootlickers – that they should not acquit themselves like munaafiqeen – that they should not mislead and deceive the ignorant and unwary with baseless, weird interpretations to justify the kufr theories of the atheists and to support the kufr protocols of the kuffaar governments.

An Aalim of the Haqq, if unable to proclaim the Haqq vociferously, should maintain silence and in privacy teach Muslims the Haqq. He should not become a bootlicker nor act like a munaafiq.

After reading the advice and stance of the priest, molvis, sheikhs and buzroogs who have become bootlickers, should hang their heads in shame, resort to Taubah, proclaim the Haqq, and if they refuse, then it is best that they drown themselves in their cesspool of inequity, fisq, fujoor and kufr.

4 Rabiul Awwal 1442 – 21 October 2020

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