“They do not stand except as one who has been driven to madness by the touch of shaitaan.” (Qur’aan)

Reverend Abraham Bham’s NNB jamiat (NO NAME BRAND jamiat), the so-called Jusa, has finally deposited itself into excreta. With brains disturbed and dysfunctional, these munaafiq characters are unable to comprehend the utter copro-ludicrousness of affixing their jusa logo to filthy toilets. In the desperate attempt for acclaim and copro-name, they have degenerated and sunk to the lowest ebb by placing their logo on latrines.

The exercise of scrounging and licking latrines for worldly acclaim demonstrates the stercoracity of the satanically convoluted brains of the NNB jamiat cartel of munaafiqeen. Their brains and hearts are thoroughly necrotized by the spell and urine of Iblees. According to the Hadith, Iblees does urinate into the ears of people. The ears of the munaafiqeen act as latrines for Ibleesi urination, hence these NNB munaafiqeen discern honour in their logo appearing on latrines which are abodes of the shayaateen according to the Hadith of our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).


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