During a discussion, a student asked his teacher,
Student: “If it is true that teachers are smart people! Why are not the teachers who become world leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and wealthy people?
The teacher smiled wisely, without saying a word, he went into his room, and came back out with a scale.
He put the scales on the table, and said: “My student, this is a scale, which is usually used to measure the weight of gold with a capacity of up to 5000 grams”.
“How much is gold for that weight?”
The student frowns, calculates with a calculator and then he answers,
“If the price of one gram of gold is 800 thousand rupiah, then 5000 grams will be equivalent to 4 billion rupiahs”.
Teacher: “Alright my student, now try to imagine if someone came to you with these scales and wanted to sell them for that price, would anyone be willing to buy them?”
The pupil was silent for a moment! He felt that he was starting to get a little enlightenment from the teacher, then he said: “gold scales are not more valuable than gold !, I can get these scales for under two million rupiah !, why pay up to 4 billion?”
The teacher replied: “Now, my son, now you have learned a lesson, that you students are like gold, and we are the scales of your achievements, you are the ones who should be the jewels of this world, and let us remain accurate and accurate scales. precision to measure the level of your knowledge. “
“If someone comes to you carrying a diamond in his right hand and a bucket of sweat in his left hand, then he says:” My left hand is the sweat that I have poured out to find a diamond in my right hand, without this sweat, there will be no diamonds, so buy this sweat for the same price as diamonds “
“Does anyone want to buy the sweat?”
“Certainly not.”
“People will only buy his diamonds and ignore his sweat.
Let us teachers become the sweat, and you are the ones who should be the diamonds. “
The student was crying, he hugged his teacher and said: “O teacher, how noble are your hearts, and how sincere, we will not be able to forget you, because in every one of our intelligence, every sparkle of our gems, there are drops of your sweat …
The teacher said: “Let the sweat evaporate, towards the realm of the divine side of the GOD, because the nature of the hereafter is more noble than all the trinkets of this world, please don’t forget our names in your prayers.”

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