The true Face of the Shia


m posting this so that you know how dangerous the Shia are especially to associate with them or befriend them. They stab at Islam and hate Sunni Muslims with a passion. Allah 1.) He has the Quality of ‘Badaa’. 2.) This means he forgets. 3.) He makes mistakes. 4.) He plans but this does not take effect. 5.) He does not know who to appoint as the next message conveyor, the next Imaam. 6.) “We (shias) do not worship such a god who gives authority to rascals like Yazid, Mu’awiyyah and Uthmaan.” 7.) They say “Ali says…..I am the first and I am the last. I am the manifest and I am the hidden and I am the heir of earth.” 8.) Shias say that the Imaams are the face of Allaah, 9.) The eyes of Allaah among his creation. 10.) The tongue of Allaah among his creation. References :…

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