A Wahhabi Goes FULL PAGAN

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A Wahhabi Goes FULL PAGAN

When the Wahhabis have been accused of worshiping a “giant, unidentified, extraterrestrial, smiling-face, bipedal object, situated beneath Prophet Jesus—with one shin and two hands,” the Wahhabi will typically accuse the Muslim of “lying.” The aforementioned, however, is a summation of the Wahhabi belief—as per their warped distortion of the Qur’an and the Hadith.

Before going any further, the proper belief should be clarified. The Creator exists. The Creator alone is Beginniningless. Allah existed before the genesis of creation—and there was NOTHING ELSE in existence. Allah existed before the Heavens and Earth, before light and darkness, before distance or direction, and before time and space. The Creator is ABSOLUTELY different from all the created beings—and since the Creator existed before ANY of the creations, the Creator’s Existence is not dependent upon the creations.

Allah is not a material being. Allah is not a spiritual being. Allah…

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