I have attached an article from an academic journal that was emailed to me. This paper explores the similarities between reiki and so called sufi healing. What is the status of sufi healing in Islam? Is such healing permissible?

What is interesting in this paper is that at the beginning it mentions a story about a priest researching how Jesus healed people with his hands. When we did Aafiya healing, Zuhair mentioned the very same thing: that Allah sent the knowledge of healing with hands to Isa (Alayhis salaam). I would like to know why during Meraj did the Angels stress cupping to such a degree when all these healing modalities pre-date Islam. Obviously the Angels were witness to these practices.


There is no such thing as ‘sufi healing’ in Islam. The term ‘sufi’ has been misappropriated to camouflage a Satanist cult, and to entrap ignorant and unwary Muslims into the kufr and shirk snare of Iblees.

So-called ‘sufi’ healing is shaitaani ‘healing’. All forms of ‘divine’ energy, ‘divine’ healing and all forms of these metaphysical therapies purported to be healing practices, are Devil-energy and Devil therapies which are haraam. These therapies are deceptions of shaitaan. Shaitaan manipulates his agents to divert Muslims from the Deen. They deceptively utilize some Islamically-sounding terminologies to entrap morons into the snare of Iblees which he spreads for the destruction of the Imaan of the morons who become entangled in the excretal mess of these satanic therapies.

The paper confirms the practices of shirk and kufr which are integral to satanic healing and therapies. The paper mentions techniques which were acquired from “the Lotus Sutra of the Lord Buddha”, Muslim’s adaptation in adopting reiki spirituality, the nature of reiki in Sufism, the nature of man in sufistic reiki, the nature off reiki energy in sufistic reiki, sufistic reiki in solving theological problem, etc.

The claim that reiki or any other similar form of therapy is free from religious affiliation is a massive satanic lie designed to deceive and entrap ignorant Muslims into the web of shirk and kufr which is externally plastered with a false veneer to convey the idea that the therapy is for gaining physical health. But this is a shaitaani ploy to deflect focus from the true objective of these Satanist therapists. The paper stating the objective of this satanism says:

“The true aim of Reiki is attaining levels of spiritual enlightenment, in Buddhist term: up to a jivanmukta state or realm of divine consciousness, spiritually speaking.”

Morons are deluded by the legion of Shaitaan to believe that “true-blissful-divine-consciousness” is attained and experienced via the techniques of the Devil. The ‘divine’ consciousness which the morons experience is in reality inspirations and hallucinations of Shaitaan. Iblees too has forms of noor within him. He utilizes his satanic noor to deceive and entrap. Even some simple-minded Auliya who lacked adequate Knowledge of the Shariah have been duped by Iblees. Ultimately they end up prostrating to the devil. It is precisely for this reason that Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“A single Faqeeh is harder on shaitaan than a thousand Aabids.”

The Faqeeh being equipped with valid Ilm of the Deen and Taqwa quickly discerns satanism while the Aabid (Buzrug) lacking in adequate Knowledge of the Deen is in grave danger of satanic entrapment. Hence there is an imperative need for such Aabids to seek clarification for their spiritual experiences from true Ulama who are able to distinguish between Haqq and the baatil of these Satanist practices and therapies.

The deceptive utilization of the Islamic term, Ilaahi (my Allah), is a satanically cunning device for presenting the hybrid Buddhist-Islamic concept which is nothing other than pure shaitaaniyat.

The paper mentions “modern Sufism practitioners” who are impressed and attracted by the “miracles of Reiki”. Thus, they endeavour to make a patchwork of ‘esoteric’ Islam “with the essence of Reiki”.

Muslims should beware of these therapists. All of them without exception are agents of Iblees whose target is Imaani destruction. These therapies are satanically designed to desensitize Imaan and to make it conducive for accepting the satanic contamination which the Satanists offer. Just a single belief of kufr/shirk eliminates Imaan.

The ‘sufism’ to which these agents of shaitaan refer is actually satanism. Any brand of sufism or tasawwuf which is in conflict with the Shariah is satanism. Genuine Sufism/Tasawwuf is the Product of the Qur’aan and Sunnah. There is nothing in true Sufism which conflicts with the Shariah. Sufism is not a therapy for healing physical ailments. Sufism is the Sunnah branch of Knowledge which deals with moral reformation and spiritual progress. Its subject matter is Islaah-e-Nafs. But in this age all sufi tareeqas are the Tareeqah of Iblees. They are Satanist cults of bid’ah, kufr, shirk, fisq and fujoor. They hoodwink the ignorant and unwary with the Islamic names which they retain for their cults of satanism.

Likening the healing practices with the hands of the Satanists to the Mu’jizaat performed by Nabi Isaa (Alayhis salaam) is a perfect example of the satanism with which wool is pulled over the spiritual eyes of the morons. There is absolutely no relationship between the Mu’jizaat of the Ambiya and the satanic demonstrations of these satanic therapists whose religion is satanism. Nabi Isaa (Alayhis salaam) and all Ambiya (Alayhimus salaam) who had demonstrated Mu’jizaat (Miracles) did so Bi-ithnillaah!, i.e. with the permission of Allah. They did not get any schooling in any form of therapy. In the Qur’aan are mentioned the episodes of Hadhrat Isaa’s healing the blind, the lame, etc. With each act of healing, he clarified that it was Bi-ithnillaah – with the permission of Allah.

The Mu’jizaat of the Ambiya and the Karaamaat of the Auliya are not the effects of therapy which in fact is satanism. Aafiya healing is also a branch of shaitaani therapy. The claim that Allah Ta’ala sent the knowledge of healing with the hands to Nabi Isaa (Alayhis salaam) is a satanic lie. There never was such a form of healing. It was not healing by any satanic movement of the hands. Hadhrat Isaa (Alayhis salaam) simply took the Name of Allah Ta’ala and blew on the patient who was instantaneously cured by the permission of Allah, not by any hand-therapy hallucinated by the agents of Iblees.

Insha-Allah, further comment shall be forthcoming.

3 Safar 1442 – 21 September 2020

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