Q. A friend informed me that a shocking news is going round on social media under the caption “Australian and English researchers find traces of cow urine in Indian spices, toothpaste and other edibles”. This is really an alarming situation. Muslims should most definitely stay away from all Indian products, Indian Masala and other edibles. What should we do regarding Indian spices, etc.

A. If there is cow urine and perhaps even traces of cow dung in Indian edible products, it will not be surprising. The cow is one among the myriads of Hindu ‘gods’. Everything of the cow is sacred for Hindus. Its urine is holy water and its dung is holy ‘food’. Therefore, these impurities are used for gaining blessings. From who? No one knows! Nevertheless, it is illogical to expect Hindus who slaughter Muslims, to abstain from using in their products their holy cow urine and dung. It is indeed surprising that Muslims find it plausible to consume food given to them by Hindus on their holy festival days. Despite being aware of the status of the cow in Hindu eyes, how is it possible for Muslims to consume the food of these najis mushrikeen? Of greater surprise are fatwas which claim permissibility for
such contaminated Hindu foods.


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