Small Eyes are Watching

Sometimes, in our “Big People’s World” we totally forget that our “small people”, our children are watching, scrutinizing and learning from us. They too, will be Big People, one day, inshaAllah. Our responses to challenges today form their responses to challenges tomorrow. What we preserve today, they will preserve tomorrow and what we disregard today, they will disregard tomorrow.

Shaitaan uses this principle of life to its fullest. Especially, when we forget that small eyes are watching.
This is precisely how shaitaan introduced shirk to the children of Adam alayhisaalaam. With pictures and carvings of pious elders in the community. Then too, small eyes were watching….watching their parents in front of a picture or carving, shedding tears, muttering what was probably a dua for the deseased, and showing respect to the memory of their elder via the picture or carving. Those small eyes watched and as soon as they were capable or in that position, they did the same. A couple of generations, later what was a mere ritual of respect and remembrance became a full blown act of worship!

Our small eyes are watching us too.
Especially in this “New Normal” times..
Religiously, we don that mask… But we don’t care, for our learned ones are saying that its fine! In the name of a virus, they say its fine…because the Law demands it, they say it is fine.. because the medical domain is not their “domain”, Listen to the “Experts of the Field”, they say it is fine!…
(In this subtle manner they make the Deen of Allah Ta’ala subservient to Medicine and Science, but that’s a discussion for another day, inshaAllah. For now, we cling to our Imaan that DEEN supercedes Everything, and It is Deen that reigns supreme!)

Ignored is the fact that in that same medical and scientific field there is a huge amount of differences of opinion.
Ignored is the fact that the signs of manipulation of facts and figures for ulterior motives of this virus is rife.

So, according to our scholars, it is fine. Some scholars actually emphasize it and bring it to the level of Compulsion…So we wear that mask.
And make our children do so. All for “PRECAUTIONS”…That dreaded word. Simply meaning , “In case it happens” or “should it happen”. A preparation for an uncertainty in the future, near or far.

Now! Look at what the outcome is. …
Masks of every type. Devilish masks, Zorastrian masks, billboard style, advertising masks, masks showing loyalty to teams, companies, names etc etc.
Mask with the devil’s picture, on the face of a musalli deep in his devotion of Salaah! Imagine! Who would have thought a Believer will prostrate to his Rabb with a picture of a small red shaytaan at the side of his face!!!

The intention of Fire Worship or Devil Worship may definitely not be there. The intention is PRECAUTIONS or “Saving Lives”, as the divided medical fraternity has expounded.
But the outcome is a “free for all” imitation and display of loyalty to whoever our nafs desires.

This is now! While those little eyes are watching….They too, are being made to comply.
What do you think is going to be the condition when those little eyes have grown up and they have their own little eyes watching them???

Our reaction to today’s “New Normal” will be the same reaction to their “New Normal” tomorrow!

So, when far-sighted Ulama with a Deep Understanding of Deen come to you and highlight the dangers of just following the “New Normal” Demands without thought, understand that they have you and your progenies’ Imaan and Deen at heart.

Their Guidance and Advises maybe unpopular or conservative, but they have nothing else to gain by saying whatever they are saying, but The Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala in the Preservation of His Pure Deen!
There’s no political, financial or fame-seeking motives in their advises. If anything, they are regarded as “conservative”, “fringe” and devisive. But that does not matter to them.
Deen matters! Sunnah Matters! The total submission to Allah Ta’ala matters!

May Allah Ta’ala open our minds and hearts to Total Submission that is pleasing to Him.
May Allah Ta’ala show us the Truth as the Truth and grant us Total Obedience.
May Allah Ta’ala show us Falsehood as Falsehood and grant us total protection from it.
May Allah Ta’ala keep us with Imaan, take us with Imaan and resseruct us with Imaan while He is pleased with us.
abu Uthmaan

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