Ruling on reading social distancing, face masks and sanitizers in Islam

Assalaamualaikum Mufti Saheb. A few questions if Mufti Saheb can answer for me and the public at large.

Is alcohol based sanitisers permitted under current circumstances? Further, are we allowed to use it and enter the Musjid? Some say it is ‘denat’ and therefore not Haraam alcohol.
Many Musaajid have social distancing. Are we allowed to perform Salaat in this manner under the circumstances. I have noticed that some brothers don’t join the Jamaat but make their salaat by themselves. Are they wrong? Shouldn’t they join the Jamaat?
Because 50 are allowed at a time. It is frustrating to stand outside queuing outside and waiting for our turn? Should we wait like this or go home and make Salaat. Maaf, Mufti saheb, don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I have my dignity. Is my action incorrect?
I came across your website and someone told me to contact you as you don’t mince words. So any further advice or rulings on the subject will be appreciated.

Jazakallah…Hasan Masiza

Wassalamu Alaykum Warahmatullaahi Wabaraakatuhu

10 Shawaal 1441 / 3 June 2020

Respected Brother, your questions are answered hereunder.

The Quraan Kareem has clearly stated that Khamar is Haraam. Khamar whether edible or inedible is Haraam. The argument of whether or not ethanol is khamar is baseless. By applying an alcohol-based sanitizer and performing salaah, one is contravening a prerequisite of salaah, which is purity of the body. Thus the salaah will not be valid with an alcohol based sanitizer on your body. Alcohol no matter the quantity remains najis. Like one cannot take a bottle of alcohol into the masjid and nobody in their sane mind will take a bottle of beer into the Masjid, similarly it is not permissible to enter the Masjid with alcohol on your hands. Just as Allah instructs the mushrikeen to stay away from the Masjid because they are najis, so similarly will it not be permissible to keep alcohol sanitizers in the Masjid, or for someone apply it and enter, because it is najis.
If one enters the Masjid and notices people standing apart in the saffs (‘social distancing’) and performing ‘salaah’, he should not join them, because that is not salaah. Salaah has to be performed in a saff with no gaps in between. The Ahaadeeth are numerous, instructing the closing of gaps. How can one yearn for Allah’s help when one is in total defiance of the instructions and injunctions of the Shari’ah? If one witnesses the sorry sight of ‘social distancing’ being practiced in the Masjid, he should perform salaah individually. The salaah performed with Jama’ah is regarded as adaa kaamil (complete/perfect execution). When one performs it with spaces in the saffs which are as gaping as 1.5m, then adaa is neither kaamil nor will it even be classified as qaasir (a deficient execution), in fact, the conditions of Jamaah is not adaa (executed at all) with gaps in the saffs – it is simply not valid!
Most Masaajid have strict Haraam restrictions in place. They will not allow you entry into the masjid if you do not apply najis sanitizer, wear a mask and fill in a register. If you do not abide by their Haraam rules, they will chuck you out. Nowhere in Islam was there any situation where Muslims prevented fellow Muslims from entering the Masaajid, even during plagues. In fact the ulema encouraged people to go even more to the Masaajid during difficult times. Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) would hasten to the Musjid whenever there was a calamity.
I’tijaar is prohibited in the Shari’ah. I’tijaar out of salaah is prohibited, more so in salaah. This is how the hooligans cover their faces, by wrapping a cloth around their heads leaving only their foreheads exposed. This also resembles the dressing of women. I’tijaar falls under ruling of the Hadeeth, wherein Nabi صلي الله عليه وسلم prohibited us from covering our noses whilst in salaah. Therefore it it is not permissible to read salaah wearing a face mask.

If you go to a Masjid and you are refused entry on account of non-compliance to Haraam laws, then make your Salaah at the door.

The Laws of Allah cannot be changed to suit people in power. If an action does not match the criteria laid out by Allah and His Rasool, then it will be disregarded.

Do not join ‘mock Jamaats’ and think that you are getting rewarded. Allah disgraces those who mock His Deen.


F.Karani (Mufti)

Issued by:

Tarbiyatul Awlaad Ifta department

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