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Pearls Of Taqwa

Quantum time travel doesn't follow Back to the Future rules

Regarding the exemplary time management of Hazrat Doctor ‘Abdul-Hayy ‘Aarifi (Rahimahullah), Hazrat Muhammad Ishrat Ali Qaysar Saheb (Rahimahullah) wrote: 

“I have heard Hazrat (Rahimahullah) saying the following words many times: ‘Let me tell you one thing I have learnt from experience, throughout my life – manage your time properly and time will become your slave!’”

Hazrat (Rahimahullah) was an embodiment of performing his devotional acts on their appointed time. Very seldom did he miss or delay any of his stipulated practices. He said: ‘Whatever practices I started as a student – Alhamdulilllah – have remained with me to the end of my life.’ He would always recite his portion of the Quran after Fajr salaah and would never miss it. 

Hazrat (Rahimahullah) once said: “I was once reciting the Quran according to my regular practice, while at college, when one of my fellow students came and stood at my door…

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