“The Strangest Suicide Story in the History”

Once a person named Ronald Obos decided to finish his life so he decided the simplest way of suicide to jump from the building he was living. He did this and leave a letter for his family stating he has lost all his hopes to live a better life. But on 23 March 1994, his postmortem report stated the reason for his death by gunfire shoot on his head. When investigating started it appears the bullet that causes Ronaldo’s death is shooted by the 9th floor of the same building he was living. An old couple was living there for long. Neighbors told that this couple used to fight all the time, and strangely when Ronaldo jumped from his roof at the same time the old man holding a gun was threatening his wife to kill her. In extreme aggression husband unintentionally shot his wife but because his wife was far from him, the bullet hit Ronaldo who jumped from his roof and causes his death. (Twist remains in the story) When a case appears in court the old man insisted that they used to fight all the time, he always threatened his wife but the gun is always unloaded. After further investigation, a strange thing appears any relative of the old couple saw their son loading old men,s gun. The reason was that their son asked his mother for money but the mother refused, so he made a plan to get rid of his old parents. He knew very well that they used to fight all the time and when the next time his father will shot from an unloaded pistol, it will cause his mother’s death as now it is loaded by the bullet and his father will be jailed. But the bullet didn’t hit his mother instead hits on Ronald at his suicide time. So the culprit of a murder case is now their son. (Strange!! now have a look again on complete story) Strangest thing in all this story is that Ronald is actually the son of the old couple. He puts a bullet in his father’s gun to get rid of his parents. But due to bad financial conditions and delayed fight with his parents, he decided to finish himself. While jumping from roof the same bullet hits his head. So in this manner, Ronald is a killer and also the victim….

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