Blind Partisanship Knows No Sect

Islam Reigns

By Bassam Zawadi

Salafi sycophants defended the UAE tooth and nail for its treaty (because the UAE is a close ally of Saudi).

Similarly, blind Hamza Yusuf loyalists defended his integrity tooth and nail by proffering several excuses ranging from “well, you don’t know what masalih he has in mind” to “there’s no definitive proof in Islam that making peace with Israel is haram.”

A few days later, Saudi Arabia announced that it will not normalize relations with Israel until a two state solution is reached in accordance with the “Arab Peace Plan”. In a sigh of relief, those same Salafi sycophants highlighted this.

Similarly, Hamza Yusuf gives a vague, tawriah-filled, and cleverly crafted facebook post recently denying that he supported the deal. Now the same blind loyalists are parading it.

You see the problem? Of course you do. EVEN IF Saudi Arabia today normalized with Israel, those same…

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